Thailand .....The Land of Smiles :)

Why should you visit Thailand? I did many years ago now and immediately fell in love...I have family all over the world and love my holidays with them..would I want to live there...No! Thailand stole a corner of my heart and although it is a country of many contradictions  to me it is home.

Whether it's beautiful beaches and there are many, sunsets which are so amazing, diving, rock climbing or just living among the people.

Then you will experience the real Thailand, the amazing food..which is not cooked purely for the tourist. The beautiful countryside and it really is the land of smiles.

We have stayed in villages where the children by our standards have nothing by comparision but they are happy, they have carefree childhoods bought up with love.

Yes there is the seedy side...but so is there in all countries.

Bangkok.....I love vibrant and alive....I have wandered down at midnight to get something to eat at one of the street I feel unsafe...never ever. I am given a seat to sit on while I wait..hastily they rub the seat over with a not so clean I care...No! They treat madam as they call me like a special visitor and when I say Thai hot ...the smile I get and they tell everyone who listen...."Oh Madam she eat spicy"

What they prepare and cook the food in is spotless..the vegetables so fresh...the food amazing...

China Town and the markets..... I love Bangers as I call it but only for a few days and then I am back to the peace and calm which is home.

Pagentry the Thais love it..every procession is so Joyous.....The Vegetarian Festival.....Songkram ...if you love being part of festivals make sure you come at the right time will not be disappointed.

The noise, the street food and partying is amazing and to be part of it so special.

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Thank you reading this ..have a lovely day :) 


Published by Carol Taylor