They are things that we ask ourselves when we want or need to buy something. Why, why do we want or need it. Wasteful, is it wasteful. And is it worthwhile, what will it add to our lives or contribute to our way of life. 

We see a lot in advertising about the newest, the greatest or just the plain ridiculous.

As a family we have chosen not to have a TV, we don't see that it would add anything to our lives and that indeed it may detract from our way of life. But as I look at advertising material or in stores the TV's seem to be getting bigger and bigger, some even seem to be the size of a small car. Now we don't begrudge others their entertainment ( after all we still occasionally go to the cinema), but to have such a large thing that dominates both space and time in a family home seems not worthwhile for us.

We have chosen a way of life that is not necessarily low tech but we are choosy about how we spend our money on that tech. For instance I love my KitchenAid Mixer and my Grain mill (above)  and couldn't imagine being without them. Both contribute to our way of life .

Something else we look at is, is it wasteful or is it detrimental to the environment in a big way. When buying food we look for less packaging , recyclable packaging and best of all no packaging. And if we are buying household goods we often look for quality second hand goods.

What are some of the ways in which you live and shop more consciously?


Published by Sandy Butler