An RCD (Residual Circuit Device) also named safety switches are devices specifically designed to cut the power to an electrical circuit in seconds in case of an electrical fault. This device stops the flow of electricity the moment a leakage is detected in a circuit. These switches contribute maximum to electrical safety, as there is no time for the person who is in contact to get shocked. These switches are recognized by the ‘test’ button. This helps in distinguishing these switches from the circuit breakers.

Types of Safety Switches:

You find four main types of safety switches.

  • Combination circuit breakers and safety switches prevent electrical shocks and protect electrical appliances and circuits. These work well for the meter boxes located in confined spaces.
  • Meter box mounted safety switches are installed close to the circuit breakers either in the distribution box or in the meter box.
  • PowerPoint safety switches are fitted to specific power points and work well for the protection of appliances in areas like workshops or even bathrooms.
  • Portable safety switches are attached to a power board or even an extension lead for the protection of the connected appliances.

Reasons Opting for Safety Switches:

Most homeowners opt for safety switches, as it provides safety to our property and our family. There are multiple benefits attached to this.

  • Safety switches can prevent electrocution. When talking about a normal power circuit, you will find the current flowing through an appliance and then to the supply. With a faulty appliance, there are chances of the current flowing through the person handling this and then to earth. This is definitely a serious issue, as this can also cause death. The safety switched or the RCD is designed specifically to cut off the current flowing through the specific circuit and cuts off the circuit in a matter of seconds to prevent any such fatal incidents.
  • Safety switches work as an armor of protection for all your family members. You are relaxed where the safety of your loved one is concerned.
  • These switches can identify appliances, which are faulty. You can think of either getting them repaired or replaced as per the need.
  • These safety switches installation can identify faulty wiring. An electrician can fix this problem anytime provided the skills and competency of the electrician.
  • Traces of water in any electrical installation leads to a major trouble, wherein by installing the safety switches you are spared of this hassle of detection of water, as these switches can detect any sign of water too.

Choosing Safety Switches:

Before making a choice of the safety switch you need to determine the requirement. This can be sorted out with the help of a qualified and experienced electrician. You have a number of different types of switches available in the market. You need to choose this keeping the power consumption and the number of appliances used in mind. Go through the specifications given by the manufacturers of the different appliances to determine the exact requirement.

Make sure you opt for a well-reputed and reliable manufacturer for these safety switches. You can take the advice of your electrician to make the right choice. Not only the switches and the manufacturer but also the electrician you are choosing for the installation of these switches need to be chosen with care and caution.

The laws pertaining to the installation needs to be followed and only qualified and experienced electrician can do so. Look for a guarantee for not only the switches bought but also for the installation, this means, you are ensuring the safety of your family to the maximum.

A little effort can offer you the required benefits of safety switches. 

Published by Alyssa Moylan