I love writing about life. "Life" has become one of my favorite words ever since I discovered how important life is. I am genuinely writing what's in my heart. God gave us life. He gave us His life.  Jesus says "I am the way, the truth and the life". While I was still younger than now, I never felt the importance of life. Everything was meaningless and of course, I was a care-free child. I never took anything serious in my life. But as I grew, there were responsibilities to take and things to be considered serious. I never knew until I found that life has struggles. It's not easy at any point.

After going through mental stress for a long time, I told God that I'm giving up fighting. Because I was scared, tired, pitiful. But God was whispering in my heart that whether I like it or not, I need to fight. Fight for my life. Life which God has given me.

You know guys, life sucks. It does. But it's not the end. It has hope...truth...love. There is a better future waiting for us beyond the fights. Fights helps us get stronger. Fight could be anything in your life. It can be waking up in the morning, maintaining a diet, forgiving a friend, moving on from the past life, past memories, relationships or even the intimate connection with God, whatever it is, you need to fight.

Life is important. I don't know where God will lead me in the future or a year from now, but I know His promises, His truth. Life matters and so does fights. Your life matter. No matter how many failures you face, ten, twenty, a hundred? any number of time you may fail, but get your hopes up, trust God, He will lift you up in the due time.

-Jesh xoxo


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