With the birth of large e-Commerce corporations, retail industries around the world have transformed into multi-million dollar companies. The increase in security, flexibility and convenience of shopping online has paved the way for many retailers to immediate success, one that could never be achieved with traditional marketing. Leading businesses have completely gone digital and invest heavily in mobile business as their market continually uses phones and tablets to order products online. It is amusing to compare the sayings of fashion brands in the past, “Who would want to buy something without trying it on?” to now, as all major brands work to increase their online market capability in hopes of attracting more customers to their brand and readily reach their target market.

With the increase in online businesses and eCommerce giants, there is a significant increase in women-led enterprises. Women have consistently shown a natural gift for connecting with the consumer market and for welcoming social media and eCommerce to grow their businesses. Executives of top successful brands such as Ekta Chopra of e.l.f, or Stacy Berman of Tory Burch defeat the stereotype that women don’t know what it takes to run a business, and act as positive role models for young girls hoping to leave their mark on the world. Comscore reports show that “women are the majority users of social networking sites and spend 30% more time on these sites than men” and in e-commerce, according to Gilt Groupe, “women are 70% of the customer base and they drive 74% of revenue.” Women are the amplifiers of online businesses, and the fuel of e-Commerce. But why are women the fuel of e-Commerce? They make up a larger part of the demographic, yes, but why? What is it about e-Commerce that attracts women?

Financial Independence and Flexibility

Financial independence might be the biggest reason women choose to deal with online businesses. e-Commerce is an industry that allows individuals to operate a business straight from the comfort of their homes. The world becomes closer with every transaction carried out. Being able to reach international markets is the key to generating revenue and brand recognition. A Pakistani-based retailer may be able to sell traditional clothing to women overseas in North America or the UK, and reach a market they would have never been able to with a traditional store. This idea may appeal to any woman that had trouble reaching her target market in the past. Moreover, online businesses provide a sense of anonymity to entrepreneurs, which can play a role in combating any gender biases. This revolution can provide a sense of financial independence for women entrepreneurs and provide the much need, work from home environment. The flexibility is another attraction for most women. Being able to work from home simply requires a laptop and an internet connection and ventures are very easy to manage. Being able to balance a business along with family life appeals to every woman.

New Opportunities

Any motivated, passionate women isn’t afraid of the challenges or the work that it takes to start and run a business. The revolution of new technology and research in the e-Commerce market opens doors for women to start and run their businesses from home. Social media provides a universal connection and allows both ends of the world to connect in seconds. Highly driven, determined and passionate women utilize social media to their advantage and create virtual workspaces for themselves, that not only tailor to their needs and schedule, but meet the demand of their market. Secondly, the large availability of affordable e-Commerce platforms that require minimal investment and technology expertise appeal to the ordinary woman trying to get her products to sell. Well known marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy and eBay allow sellers to sell their items in their own, unique fashion and are visited by a large market everyday. The transactions that are carried out by these major vendors are safe, ethical and legitimate. Logistics plays a critical role, same day or two day delivery triggers impulse like feeling, so starting a  international drop shipping in Canada  is a good option to ‘induce impulse’ within online purchases.  These websites allow small start-ups to compete with booming brands, something that would have never happened with traditional shopping methods. It is easier thanever to identify new business opportunities and boost sales. Women love that.

The Verdict

e-Commerce needs more women. The ever-changing social climate and consumer base caters to women and needs women to dominate it. Women love e-Commerce because it provides a sense of stability and financial independence. The feeling of being financially independent is often freeing and overall makes people happier. The flexibility and mobility of online businesses allow women to cater to their work to both their lifestyle and their consumers’ lifestyle as well. Passionate women who are driven and motivated find it easy to succeed in the online business market and pave the way for younger female entrepreneurs looking to start a venture of their own.



Published by Mohsin Ahsan