I started to blog couple of months back and even though as a writer, you start by writing for yourself, sometimes it gets you when not recognized for your work and that’s okay, it’s normal to feel that at first. It takes time to become better. It takes time to grow. It’s important we seek for personal growth instead of that kind of validation from others. If you forget, with all the hassles of commercialized blog world, keep reminding yourself that you are going to get better and most importantly when that disappointment happens, remember to:

Just keep at it!

When I started writing, I used to get disheartened too but after couple of months of blogging and reading other blogs, I realized something, something that’s more important than just being recognized, something that decides whether you value your position as a writer or not!

Accepting you did a good job! Women’s don’t take their appreciation the way they should!

Whenever I comment or appreciate any write up, the most common reply I get in return is- It’s all because of amazing readers or that the other person is being kind or something else owing their effort to others.

It got me thinking, this is not only the case in blogging community but in general, women everywhere, in all areas of professional field, most of the time credit their success to others.

There is nothing wrong with it,honestly, but how about a “thank you” first? And there is a significant difference between how men & women process compliment! I have hardly heard any men when they are being appreciated say - I owe my success to God!

To back my point,I found an amazing ted talk by Sheryl Sandberg where she talks about why we have too few women leader (one of the reason being not taking credits they deserve)

— https://www.ted.com/talks/sheryl_sandberg_why_we_have_too_few_women_leaders?language=en

I guess what I mean to say is women everywhere needs to be more accepting of who they are & the efforts they put in their work.

When we don’t accept our credibility, others do the same. When we don’t take our efforts seriously, others don’t value it either.

So next time when someone praises you for your work, just say “thank you”. You can enlist others afterwards. It’s important for us to believe that we deserve an appreciation because if we don’t, we won’t see ourselves doing further better in life. We won’t aim higher.

Most importantly - Know that it’s not rude to own a compliment confidently. It won’t be rude if you accept your success single handedly as your own.

Being confident and believing in your own self-worth is necessary to achieving your potential — Sheryl Sandberg


Published by Supriya Tiwari