Lately, heading to the gym feels extremely dreadful for me. I don't know why that is because I always enjoyed being at the gym but it felt as my determination and drive were out the door. You most likely felt the same way before.

When this happens, we must find our strength to push through and move our body in some way or another. We'll always feel better after a good sweat.



The past few weeks, I've noticed that I was much keener to go to the gym whenever I wore my workout clothes.

I recently noticed that there are two good reasons to purchase some good quality workout clothes.

1. Comfort

Being comfortable at the gym matters. If you're wearing a cotton shirt and it's soaking in sweat, it can feel like you're carrying an extra 5 lbs around. As you can imagine, this is not a good feeling.

I recently had a conversation with my cousin about how she started hot yoga and that her clothes were not suitable for it. There were two reasons she gave me.

    1. The clothes didn't allow her to be flexible.

    2. The clothes were not meant to be drenched in that much sweat!

She never imagine how she could sweat so much. As gross as it sounds, it's bound to happen if you plan to do any sort of exercise whether that be running, weightlifting, or yoga, especially hot yoga.

At the end, she decided to invest in some good quality clothing for yoga to keep on going.



Having an excessive sweat disorder myself, I fell in love with my first under armor t-shirt purchase. I couldn't believe how light it was and how it dried incredibly fast.


Wearing a hat to the gym is a must for me. I tend to not go to the gym without a hat with the reason being that the sweat gets in my eye. This makes the whole session irritable and not enjoyable at all.

Another example is wearing proper shoes. If you're planning to run, having a proper pair of running shoes (I'm not a committed runner but this is my current pair whenever I do go) can help you prevent foot/knee injuries. This is definitely something you don't want to ignore if you're planning to commit to running.

2. Mentality

The second reason which I recently observed is the effect it has on your mind. In my experience, it really does help you get in the right mindset to go exercise.

I realized that every time I put on a certain gym clothes, I would get overly excited to go for that day. It may be the way it feels or the way it fits but it sure does give me extra motivation to stop being lazy and get it done with.

If you think about it, when you wear your pajamas, you're ready to go to bed. In my opinion, there's no difference in wearing exercise clothing. When you put it on, you're letting yourself know that you're ready to work up a sweat.




Whenever I put on my Captain America t-shirt, for some reason I get overly excited to work out my back and bicep. The sleeves on that shirt feels super tight on my bicep, making me want to do curls. It sure feels awesome!

This goes for my under armor leggings as well. Whenever I wear this tight legging and do some squats, I tend to lift a little heavier and with much more ease than I would of. It's definitely a mental thing.

Nike said it best

The hardest part is stepping out the door. Sometimes willpower simply isn't enough, you must constantly remind yourself of the bigger picture, your vision of the future.

Wearing a certain type of gym clothes can give you that extra motivation you need to step out that door and that's the first step towards your goals.

Whenever you wear or see the word Nike, think of their slogan. Just do it.

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Published by Duy Dang