If you have a truck, then you need to maintain the proper servicing schedule of these heavy vehicles. When serviced by the right service centre and with the apt maintenance you can look forward to the smooth running of this vehicle for a long period of time without any break-downs. Each model requires different types of servicing and going through the manufacturer’s manual can help you out with this factor.

When you require the truck servicing?


  • Usage: The wear and tear on specific truck depend on the usage to a large extent. For vocational trucks, engine hours work out more important than miles. A high idle time truck, like a garbage truck or a truck which is mounted crane, the maintenance schedule needs to be set keeping the engine hours in mind. You can consult the engine manual which is provided with every new truck. Most experts make use of an engine’s data after the truck is used for a year. A diesel truck, on the other hand, needs to be serviced at least once a year immaterial of the usage. So, it depends on the uses and mileage which you have spent, and you need to consult the same with the truck repair. They can identify the accurate problem and they can provide you perfect solution for your truck.
  • Mileage: Most of the experienced and qualified professionals advise a service for the truck for every 15,000 miles. Besides an inspection, there is a requirement for an oil change at that time. For a more thorough inspection, the truck needs to reach the 30,000 miles cut off point. The parts of the trucks are inspected for any replacement and repair work to be carried out.
  • Budget: Keeping up to the 15,000 miles and 30,000 miles service works aptly for all types of trucks. In case this does not work well for a budget, you can choose frequent servicing of your vehicle. With apt servicing, you can look forward to saving some money and also fuel economy. Clean fuel systems and apt filtration is an essential requirement for these days you have vehicles with complicated systems. But if you need some major changes such as engine remodelling of the truck then you need to spend huge amounts. In this case, you can also take finance from leading banks and private lenders to repair your truck.
  • Rust: In case you spot rust in your truck make sure this is looked into at the earliest as this is one problem which tends to accelerate at a high speed. When opting to wash your truck you can inspect this visually for these trouble spots. Customers can opt for the DIY kits for rust treatments if this problem is on a smaller scale. But you must wash the mechanical parts and the interior parts to remove the collision from the truck by hiring professional truck service.

Fast and Quick Tips for Truck maintenance:


  • To ensure your truck runs a long period of time without any major problems ensure you never miss an oil change.
  • Even wear and tear can be ensured by rotating the tires every time you opt for an oil change. You need to be aware that it is the front tires which bear all the brunt.
  • Make sure the tires are balanced, that is, the weight of the tires is distributed equally around the specific axle. These tires tend to get off-balance with each pothole or a bump.
  • Checking out the lights in the interior and the exterior is another important factor which needs to be looked into.

Finally, ensure you choose a reputed and experienced truck service centre to ensure that your truck is in a ‘top’ condition before you hit the road. 

Published by Jack Louis