If you have any packaging industry then you may know about the timber shipping crates, because these crates are heavily used in the shipping industry and people can easily reuse these crates many times. Apart from that, when you transport some fragile items to some other location, you need to choose some crates which have excellent locking system for example timber crates which can be customized and  come with locking system in which you can lock your goods. Therefore, there is no risk for product damage, and can easily move your heavy items 

What Are The Advantages Of Timber Shipping Crates?

  • These shipping crates are recyclable and people can easily use these crates as many times as they want. Afterwards, they can easily sell them and earn some money. You can also save the environment by using these crates as they are made of sustainable sources from the forest.
  • When you ship some products to some foreign locations, you need to follow the rules and regulations of the customs department. Timber shipping crates can be used for these international shipping purposes, and the customs department can easily check the products inside these crates and re-nail them within few minutes.
  • These timber shipping crates work as the ultimate safeguard for your products, because of their locking and anti-breakage system that can protect your product from outer damages. You can reduce the damage cost by using these timber shipping crates. Apart from that, timber crates are sturdy, durable and have heavy loading capacity. To transport the heavy equipments, one must use these crates.
  • You can also send your raw materials through these crates to the suppliers or to your manufacturing units, and they can use the same crates to send you the product to your location. You do not need to spend any additional cost for buying some new crates, as these timber crates last long.  

Save The Planet By Using The Timber shipping crates

Plastic is a very dangerous element for the environment because plastic cannot be diluted or recycled and creates harmful chemicals. So it is better to stop using the plastic crates and replace with some timber shipping crates. These crates are recyclable, and useful for large shipping. Also, they don’t create any carbon footprints so by using these timber shipping crates you can save the planet from global warming.

Transport Your Goods In Timber Crates And Save Your Product From Damages

People also use some cupboard pallets for their packaging because these pallets are affordable for them. However, these cupboard boxes are fragile and cannot protect your goods from water damages. Therefore, it is better to choose some timber crates for your shipping purposes because these crates are extremely strong, durable, and you can even pack your delicate items into these shipping crates. To protect the fragile items, you can also use some additional padding like a sponge, bubble wraps and cotton inside them. Also, you can customise the width and height of the crates for your products to fit in and ship them safely. You can also use these timber shipping crates for transporting some heavy goods, machinery, equipments and tools.

But it is suggested to buy these timber crates from only reputed manufacturers and check their product quality before buying. Apart from buying, you can also resell these crates to the manufacturer. So choose the timber crates over other crates and transport your goods safely. 

Published by Derek Lotts