Easy. For me, yoga is important because it feeds my body, feeds my mind, feeds my soul. It brings me back to balance, helps me find peace, and provides me clarity amidst chaos.

Yoga isn’t about being “bendy” or “trendy” or any other equivalent word that would suggest that it is more about showing off than anything else. Yoga is about vitality, the richness of life, coming back to the breath, and joining your mind, body and soul so that they become one unit actively bathing in the present moment.

Yoga is about being connected, both to yourself and to the world around you. It is about love, peace, inner strength and so much more.

To do yoga and be a yogi you don’t have to start with or ever achieve a “perfect body” (whatever that means to you). Truthfully it’s not about how you look at all. Physically it’s more about alignment than becoming “beach body ready”. And while many of the benefits of yoga include increasing your fitness, its main purpose has always been about coming back to the present moment and finding the breath.

To me, yoga is infinite. And when I do yoga, i feel infinite. Any and all insecurities lift from my heart like a fog lifting from the earth. Any and all worry goes back to where it belongs, in a space thats not within me. Stress dissipates, confidence increases exponentially…and I am free.

Inhale peace, exhale joy: to quote Babe played by Estelle Parsons in Grace & Frankie “it sounds like total bullshit – but it’s true”.


Published by Alexandra Besoi