Edmonton winters can be long and cold, with average temperatures dipping as low as -19 degrees Celsius during the most frigid months of the season.

Keeping warm and dry in the comfort of your own home is a top priority on those days when the snowy weather never seems to end. Improved insulation, reduced drafts and other factors can not only help you and your family stay cozy in the winter and icy cool in the summer, but they can also reduce energy costs.

For homeowners seeking to improve the comfort of their home, reduce energy costs and eliminate drafts, vinyl windows Edmonton might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Adding vinyl windows to your home is a popular, cost-effective, and value-laden upgrade that will have you reaping the rewards for decades to come.

Read on to learn more about why so many Edmonton residents choose vinyl windows from Window Mart as the preferred window replacement option for their homes.

Do Your Windows Need to be Replaced, Edmonton?

Before we dig into why vinyl is a great option for your Edmonton home, let’s first make sure you’re ready for the upgrade.

How do you decide if a major home improvement, such as replacing your windows, is right for you? It can be a costly endeavour, so you need to consider every factor before making the investment.

5 Reasons to Replace Your Old Worn-Out Windows

1: Your windows are old. Does cold air seem to find its way through broken window sashes and leaky weather stripping? A new coat of paint won’t fix the problems created by worn or damaged windows and frames. Not only are they unsightly to look at, but they may also be unsafe. Locks that don’t work can make it impossible to feel secure in your own home, while damaged frames can make glass susceptible to cracks and breaks. If you have young children in your home, you have to think about their safety as well.


2: Your windows are outdated and/or visually unappealing. If your windows no longer match the style or design of your home, replacing them can give you that new look you’ve been hoping for. If you plan to stay in your home for years to come, taking steps to improve the appearance of your home can give you a new sense of appreciation and comfortability with your home.


3: Planning to sell your home. New windows can dramatically update the look of your home, increasing the curb appeal. If making a great return on your investment is important to you, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation website reports that if you replace your current windows with vinyl, you can “attract future home buyers and net a nearly 80% return on your investment.” Not to mention the house will move faster on the market.


4: Rising energy bills. Does the thought of losing heat through those cold, frosty window panes makes you afraid to look at your heating bill in the winter? According to Paul Scheckel, a home energy efficiency consultant and author of The Homeowner’s Energy Handbook, “30% of your house’s heating and air conditioning disappears out the windows.” New vinyl windows can eliminate heat loss in the winter and preserve cool indoor temps during the hot summer months, keeping you as comfortable as your bank account will be with those lower energy bills.


5: Time-consuming maintenance and regular repairs. Do you own wooden windows and are downright tired of the maintenance necessary to keep them in proper working condition? From sealing and caulking, to new glass, paint and fasteners, repairs can be both cumbersome and costly over time. Wooden windows need to be sanded and painted periodically to keep moisture out, while mould and mildew constantly threaten to destroy the wood finish. If any of the aforementioned sounds familiar, you need to consider making the switch over to vinyl.

Why are Vinyl Windows Your Best Option?

Now that you’ve made the decision to replace those outdated and worn windows, what is the best kind to purchase for your home? For many years, consumers only had two options: wood or aluminium. Since 1979, when vinyl windows first hit the market, their popularity has grown for many reasons:

Aesthetically pleasing. Vinyl windows come in several designs and countless colour combinations, so they can complement the style of the inside and outside of your home.

Energy efficient. In cold climates like Edmonton, vinyl windows offer more thermal protection than wood or aluminium. Options like double panes, triple panes, low-E coating, and increased insulation add to the protection provided by vinyl windows.

Affordable. Worried about the cost of vinyl windows while still throwing money away to pay those high heating bills each month? Vinyl windows are one of the most affordable types of replacement windows on the market.

Durable and low maintenance. Vinyl windows are strong and durable, requiring little upkeep. No more painting, staining, or sanding. New vinyl windows will last for decades without cracking, warping, or peeling.

Where should I Get My Windows Replaced in Edmonton?

When you’re ready to take the next step and replace your windows, it is important to find a company that is reliable, affordable, and dependable. Window Mart Windows and Doors specializes in high-quality and energy-efficient products for your home. The company prides itself on being the leading provider of windows in Alberta.

Located at 11474 Winterburn Rd NW, Winterburn Industrial Area West, Edmonton, AB T5S 2Y3, the customer service department is ready to provide you with the best products and services in Edmonton. Their installation teams are industry-certified, WCB-insured, and experienced.  Stop in or call 780-457-9577 to set up an appointment today.

The Window Mart goal is simply stated on their website: “We want to supply and install the best windows – windows we would enjoy in our own homes.” If the quality of your vinyl windows and the professionalism of your installers are important to you, look no further than the team at Window Mart Windows and Doors.




Published by Kimberly Smith