It is widely said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul and the choice of right coloured lenses this Halloween could be the difference you were looking for. You can decide to become whatever zombie, ghost or vampire this Halloween, but if your eyes are not talking much, you are better off trick or treating and collecting candy.

We’re already looking forward to Halloween 2019 because everyone wants to be ready for this years Halloween party, so make sure your Halloween party contact lenses are in place. From previous year's Halloween, we have seen some great costumes and eye makeups and as we expected, white coloured lenses were "the" choice for your scary costumes and spooky makeup looks.

So what is with this white coloured lenses that makes it so popular. Well, we will tell you just that

But why are white eyes so popular?

Definitely, at Halloween; having all-white eyes is one of the scariest and spine chilling looks possible, white eyes work best with almost all types of scary costumes on Halloween, no wonder white eye contacts are topping the popularity charts!

Now if you have never tried white as your Halloween party contact lenses then it is time for you to shake up your spooky costume plans and try on the scariest eye contacts this Halloween. Having trouble finding some inspiration? No need to get all jittery about it, we will provide you with the right way to use your white contact lenses on the night of chills and thrills

Why wear white lenses?

Wearing white contacts are amazing for all kinds of different ghouls, vampires, zombies and also for the goblins commonly associated with Halloween. The great thing about white contacts is that whether you want complete wash-out of your iris or a small black pupil in your white eye, it can create the most terrifying look either way.

You probably have seen in movies and TV shows how most of the ghosts and zombies have white eyes, the whiter the eye the scariest the look and it puts a very realistic look too. Have you ever seen a teen wolf? The use of white contacts put on such a realistic look at them.

White contacts have also been used widely in movies and shows to depict zombies and the undead, so yeah, you can even turn up as a dead zombie to scare the spirit out of your neighbor's children.

You can also ace the look of a walking skeleton with just simple white contacts. There are great options available for you this Halloween, you just need to find the right mix for you.

We know many of you have never tried on the white contacts ever before and you must be wondering what you can possibly wear with white contacts this Halloween night. So we have come up with some of the best white contacts Halloween looks which can make you stand out.

The best Halloween white eyes look

With people creating some of the best Halloween looks with eye contacts in 2018, it is no wonder that you need the white eye contacts this year. All you need to do is look at some of the best Halloween costumes with white eye contacts right here.

Halloween 2019 top tips

  1. We think Halloween 2019 will see the adaption of blood cat cosplay mask from pet cemetery, this is where you can use the white eye contacts to really spook up the black cat mask

Girl dressed as Dia De Los Muertos skeletons

  1. Another amazing look is the burning dead zombie from the walking dead. It will definitely require some doing but with those contacts, it will surely look something of the underworld.

Girl dressed as glamorous zombie for Halloween with White contacts

  1. Ladies out there looking to terrify little children can always try on the maleficent hat and the costume with some spooky wings to complement it. But when you merge all that with the white mesh contacts, then you will certainly have that spooky factor

two friends dressed as  the Joker and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

  1. The nun from Conjuring would result as a great costume choice for Halloween this year. And guess what white eye contacts would be the perfect fit for this costume, not any other contacts, just white.


Also, you are at a great advantage if you have white contact lenses that is if you have not already prepped your Halloween costume. Your white contacts for Halloween would come as a savior as you can just put some white makeup on and pour some fake blood with your white contacts and you are good to go.

Ghost witch make up tutorial

Of course, you can choose a less scary yet a disturbing baby faced mask with white eye contacts to boost your Halloween this year.

Well, these are some of the costume styles you can adopt this Halloween and have a party. Do not forget to add spice to your costume with your white eye contacts.

Girl with Bubblegum hair color and white contact lenses

Published by Qais Ahmadi