I have been using a planner since I was in high school, though I am not a very organized person, I find peace in planning things. I found out that a not-so-organized person like me can be well thought-out if you have a planner, it keeps you on track of the things you have to do or keep you posted on the important meetings or task that you shouldn’t miss. 

There are lots of planners available in the market nowadays, the majority of them are made to squeeze out your creative juices and some are bold and has a straightforward approach to planning. I use a ring bound and a coiled type of planner, Filofax that I named Red, Kikki.K that is in perforated mint color and The Happy Planner. 

Maybe you are asking "what am I going to do with a planner if I have all these technologies?" That is why this blog is being created. Here are some of the things you can do with your planner and why is it important to have one. 

Have it as a journal. I use my personal planner, the ring bound, for my journaling. I don't put too much task on it because I put that on my big planner. Here I write the highlight of my day or what happy memories I have. I don't put anything that will lead me to negative feelings when I do my back reading, I try my hardest to keep positive notes all the time. 


Here's a picture of how I decorate my weekly spread on my personal planner. I try to keep it simple as much as possible because I want my notes to be the focal point.  

Financial tracker. I do this on my personal too; I like to keep track of the things I spend my money on or bills that we paid. I think it's a bright idea to have this; it will keep you sane from over thinking where did your money go. I normally put this on the back of my monthly spread. 

Event organizer. I write my upcoming events on my monthly views; I like seeing my full or blank months so that I know if I can do impromptu meetings, go to the mall or be lazy the whole day. This is right up in my alley because my little girl is going to school now hence I have to keep track of her activities too to make sure it won't fall on my busy day. 

Gratitude keeper. Though I don't have this (yet), this is definitely a go-go to put in your planner. Keeping memories of the things you are or were grateful for is wonderful especially when you backread on your entries. 

Brain dump corner. We all have that light bulb moment every once and a while, I store mine in my Idea tab or I sometimes call it brain dump corner because you'll never know when that awesome concept of yours might come to life. 

To do and Don't forget reminder. This is my favorite and probably the most helpful thing in my planner. If you are very busy or keeps on forgetting your task for the day or week this will be your friend. Listing down your responsibilities, whether small or big deal is a must, we all have to do some adulting sometimes, right? I do this on my Happy Planner; it's a big baby that looks like a book if you are not aware of it. Another planner that looks like it is the Erin Condren that has a coil binder, Happy Planner is in disc. 



Here is my Happy Planner before the pen photo. I normally put my to-do and don't forget reminders on the left side, then I'll look in my monthly view on my personal planner to see if there's an event on a specific date and have it decorate on this planner. 

Those are just the things you can do with your planner; whatever you want to put in it put it. The possibilities are endless. There's a benefit in owning a planner, it lets you squeeze out those creative juices, it gives you this wonderful feeling of being attached to your roots by writing on a piece of paper using a pencil or pen and it sharpens your mind by letting you think hard on what specific word are you going to use without the help of autocorrect. 

I say give it a chance, In a world of technology be an old soul. You know what they say; you can remember things easily whenever you jot it down. The planner community is full of people who are willing to help those who want to start and those who just needs help. 

Let me know what you think about my list or if you have some other ideas too, comment them below cause I'd love to hear from you. Stay happy and keep planning!



Published by Ferry Ko