We all like to feel good, we are predisposed to wanting to feel pain-free, be happy, fit and healthy. More and more of us are shunning drugs and unnatural pain relief methods and more and more of us are also looking to be able to prevent our health issues by understanding a bit about how the body functions and when pain or uncomfortable situations do arise, we want to be able to deal with the situation in as minimally invasive a way as possible.

If we turn to nature, we notice that there are many herbs and natural plant materials available for us to use that have been reported, often for centuries, to provide health benefits. Used proactively, they can prevent conditions arising and they can also be used reactively when conditions do arise. One such plant which has come to the attention of many is the chamomile plant. This plant contains many compounds that offer a huge benefit to health and not only has the plant been used as a tea for generations, but there is also very promising information arising from many of the recent studies which have been and are currently being carried out.

For those who wish to take a natural approach to their daily health, chamomile tea is a very worthwhile addition.

Many of our ailments throughout the body arise from inflammation and the compounds contained within chamomile tea are anti-inflammatory in their nature, so to prevent illness, keeping inflammation within the body to a minimum makes sense.

The tea is also antibacterial and antifungal, making it a good all-round tea for support and protection from colds and flu, especially in the winter. Due to the phenolic content, it stands as a great immune-boosting drink.

Chamomile tea is commonly used by those who find it difficult to sleep and that is because it is soothing to the nervous system and can produce a mild feeling of sedation, allowing for a restful sleep. It also works well for those suffering from anxiety and conditions which leave the body feeling stressed.

Digestive ailments are common and whether you suffer from pain or bloating, chamomile tea can provide relief. It works to help nausea and those with stomach cramps can also find it helpful. Some people enjoy a cup of chamomile tea after eating to help the transit of the food through their gut.

It is also the case that the Turkish apple tea is flavoursome and enjoyable when prepared correctly. It is easy to prepare and represents a very cost-efficient way of soothing many ailments. The tea can be taken throughout the day and it is not uncommon for people to take around 4 cups in a day. Everyone is different and some people may even take more than this.

For those who like to avoid caffeine or are caffeine sensitive, this tea is caffeine-free.

Chamomile tea has wide ranging properties and benefits the entire body structure. It is worth being aware of all of its benefits so that you too can add it to your daily routine to hopefully boost and maintain your health both for now and in the future.


Published by Matthew Piggot