The next time you are planning a little holiday in Auckland City, instead of going down the boring hotel route, why not consider a local condo offered by Towny.

Towny owns nine apartments in Auckland, some located in little hideaways that will appeal to those who want a peaceful vacation and also some that will be perfect for those that want to be where the action is in the city. Whichever your choice, at Towny, you can expect top-quality apartments that are fully-fitted out and ready to take you in as you enjoy what this wonderful city can offer you.

This innovative little company strives to ensure that all guests not only have the very best accommodation available when taking in the sights of the city or simply staying in the apartment relaxing away from their normally busy life but will take any step necessary to ensure that you have the break of a lifetime.

Why Choose Towny?

Apart from their high-quality, well-maintained apartments in the glorious major city of Auckland, Towny goes one step further to ensure that you have the experience of a lifetime when enjoying your time away from home. They will guide and advise you on the best things to do in the city and keep you up to date with the latest and greatest local events.

This personalized touch really does help to make any guests experience a much happier one., With a small team of just three people running this company, you will always know that you are speaking to the guys at the top rather than one of hundreds of employees who just want to get to the end of their shifts and have no true care for how your stay is going.

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What You Can Expect

Towny has always prided themselves on giving travellers more when they want a home away from home. Being founded by fans of travelling, Towny knows that not all travellers appreciate the boring and repetitive process of dealing with hotels. Why have a room in a  hotel crammed with tons of other guests when you can have the peace and quiet of your own little condo?

  • Spacious and well-kept apartments that are always completely spick and span for each and every guest that stay there.
  • A fully-equipped kitchen that will allow you to cook up any treats that you desire.
  • Unlimited WiFi and Netflix throughout the apartment to bring you entertainment whenever you are just chilling in the apartment.
  • Optional parking, early/late checking in and out, luggage storage and housekeeping services.

Simply put, Towny wants to do away with concierges, large buildings, plastic shower caps and slippers and everything else that is annoying about staying in hotels when on your travels. If you love nothing but complete privacy, being located in the perfect parts of the city of Auckland and small but spacious and comfortable rooms – Towny are the guys you should be going to see. Learn more  here Etsy shop names.

Published by Karen Anthony