We can all look around and see the side effects of a crippling economic system. If you currently have a job that is controlled by a mass umbrella corporation who has all ten fingers and ten toes attached to the government and it's fund-sucking mini corps, then you definitely feel the effects of budget cuts, decrease in hours, and perhaps even a cut in benefits. 

This becomes disheartening and discouraging for people who already struggle to make ends meat, keep bills paid on time, and feed a family. This doesn't even include taking advantage of hard work through spontaneous vacations and a nice meal at a local restaurant. 

My husband is somebody who falls in the category of what I just mentioned. He works a 40-hour a week job (on a good week), but still experiences weeks of cut-hours, no benefits, and no future [at his present job] of moving "up the ladder". 

We made the choice last September to start a journey with a work from home business, Usborne Books & More. There are tons of work from home businesses out there but none offer what this company does. This is genuinely a company that is not trying to take back what they want to give to their Consultants. They actually want us to prosper. 

Since September, we have paid of two credit cards and have been able to get a handle on getting ahead - and staying ahead. We have also been able to cut a big chunk out of our homeschool expenses because we use these books and get majority of them for free!

Not to mention, this company offers a product that will never go out of style. It will always be needed whether people want it or not. Children's books are used by a lot of people of all different walks of life. The pregnant Mom, daycare provider, school teacher, grandma who loves to read to her grandchildren, the public librarian who wants to update the children's area. . . . . and the list goes on! There is an important role that reading plays in the life of EVERY individual!

Another perk with this business is there are many avenues of opportunity! If you want to focus on Facebook/online parties, that's fine! If you're more into face-to-face contact, home parties are perfect for you! If you want to work with public and private schools and libraries, there's an avenue for that as well! We also have fundraising opportunities! Versatility is key in this business being successful for all of its Consultants.

Each team that I've come across is thriving because we have leaders who also started as normal Consultants, and their love to see others prosper catapults others to make and reach goals. I'm in the beginning stages of building my team, and I am eager to build a team of leaders! These leaders will impact their community, spreading literacy, increasing reading levels, and helping create a love for books. We will help stock school shelves with books that encourage children to be who they were created to be. Everyone can easily understand the role that being a good reader plays in growing, developing, and one day becoming a meaningful member of society! 

We will also aid in creating lasting bonds between family and friends through a love for reading - all while helping our own families.

The compensation plan is amazing. Making 25% of sales with the potential of personal bonuses [monthly] is just the beginning. With the exploding growth in sales, coupled with the ever-increasing supply demands, now is the time to become a Consultant! We are still an upcoming company with less than 30,000 Consultants NATION WIDE! That is huge!! That screams POTENTIAL!!

Whether you live near or far, I [and others] are available to help train you and offer you weekly training, semi-annual training in person at a relatively close location, as well as home office support! You will not have to start this by yourself and be left to journey this alone! 

There are several kits to choose from to launch your business, with each being worth almost triple their cost! I want to also bless you with a free gift that will also help boost your business! 

If extra money to pay off bills, buy a new home or car, provide better financial stability, or whatever your goals are is something you've been looking for, but without the stress of actually making it happen - I encourage you to look into becoming an Usborne Books & More Consultant!! I'd love to have you join my team!! For more information, visit my website! 

Let's spread literacy - one book at a time!

Published by Michelle Huddleston