We live in the era of information and technology; as a natural consequence, we rely more on more on different gadgets and Internet. Whether our dependence on those is a good or bad thing had been highly debated.

However, used properly, the Internet helps you develop further and enrich your knowledge. One good method is to take online courses that contribute to your overall learning. Some persons are sceptic, but let me explain why you should consider taking up an online course.


1.It’s free

Everybody loves free things, right? Believe it or not, there are plenty of free, well-structured and interesting courses that you can take up. All you need is some motivation and few hours a week. You literally have to pay not even a cent and there are no other fancy features that could be unlocked by paying.

Renowned universities offer this opportunity; if I were you, I’d hurry and take one or two. It’s a great opportunity to find different scholar options and to familiarise with the teachers of a certain school.


2.You meet new people

It’s always a pleasure to meet persons with the same interests as you and befriend with them. Online courses are guaranteed to gather a large amount of people with similar passions and give them a place where they could speak their mind. You will sure be delighted to find that some of them stay nearby and you can meet with them in person.

Therefore, it will sharpen your social and communication skills.


3.The schedule is flexible

When it comes to learning, I’m sure you complain about not having enough time. The beauty of online courses is that although you have a number of hours that you must spend a week on practising, you choose when to do them. Day, night, Monday or Sunday-it doesn’t matter. You can find it to fit the course into your schedule.


4.You can get a diploma

You might only want to gain some knowledge and not be interested at all in getting a certified diploma. But if you wish otherwise, don’t stress yourself! It’s totally possible to get a diploma even if you are not decided from the very beginning.

Be aware though that not every course offers a certificate in the first place. Nevertheless, it doesn’t affect the course’s quality.

Have you thought about these advantages? I took plenty of online courses and I certainly found them appealing.

Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd


Published by Rebecca Radd