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Today I want to share with you the most important step of my daily skincare routine: Double Cleanse!

I know that the Double Cleansing method has been brought on centre stage a while ago, however, I think It might be useful to brush up its importance and benefits.

In case you were wondering I'm not that kind of gal that sleeps in her makeup, this never ever happened to me. I'm quite rigorous when it comes to skincare and even if it's late at night and I had one too many glasses of wine I take my time to get rid of all the makeup and ensure some moisture to my skin before going to bed.

Double cleanse, what really mean?

The point beneath Double Cleansing method is that "once it's not enough", in fact quick wash it is not sufficient to remove all the makeup piled on your face together with all the grime and pollution that has been deposit over during the day, to ensure your skin to properly breath free during the night hours you have to add an extra cleansing step. This does not mean you have to use twice your regular cleanser, at the contrary, Double Cleansing method implies very specific components: oil cleanser + detergent.


STEP #1 Why Oil Cleansers work better than regular cleansers?

The first step of the Double Cleansing method is to remove the bulk of your makeup with an oil-based cleanser (and I mean, obviously, a vegetable oil). Since Double Cleansing method has become popular it's quite easy to find good natural oil cleansers on the market, my advice though is to use plain natural (preferably organic) vegetable oil from the food department of your supermarket. I like to use Coconut oil, it does the job perfectly, it's easy to find and inexpensive.

I rub one tsp of oil directly on my face insisting on the eye area until my mascara gave me those lovely panda eyes! Even the stiffest waterproof makeup can't resist oils and breaks up like nothing.

P.s. if you fear the transition to traditional makeup cleansing lotions to pure oils try this: add some drops of oil to your regular makeup cleansing milk...you will see the difference.


Surprisingly oil cleansers are particularly suited for sensitive or oily/acne prone skin, in fact, this is not only the most gentle way to remove makeup but, since oils are perfectly similar to the sebum, they will naturally dissolve sebum and impurities that are stuck in your pores.

Step #2 Time for an extra dose of detersion

Oils melt all the makeup, but how to get rid of all the oily mess on your face?! That's where the second cleanse come handy. A delicate, yet effective, detergent come up on the stage to remove all the residues. Personally, I prefer to avoid SLS SLES as organic brands can offer a good detersion without employing harsh cleansers. In this last step, I like to use a micro fibre cloth to remove all the excess product on my face.

After this process (oil/detergent) and with the extra help of my microfiber cloth my skin is clean an ready to receive the nighttime treatments.

Have you ever tried Double Cleansing method?! let me know...


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