I recently went skydiving by myself for the first time. I had been before, but it was a tandem jump and I had no control over the parachute or jump or anything happening. I was just strapped to a person enjoying the view. While fun, it's a little awkward. You're floating through the air for 10 minutes strapped to another human being, I'll just leave it at that.  

Skydiving by yourself is totally different. I had two instructors with me the whole time, but I was pretty much in control. Once I pulled my parachute, I didn't have to awkwardly talk to someone, I could simply sit and enjoy the view while I floated to a safe landing. After that dive, I have thought a lot about it. They say that once you skydive one time, you're addicted to it. I think I may be addicted. 

Here are a three reasons you should try it too. 

First, it can add adventure in your life. 

Maybe you haven't done anything adventurous recently. Jumping out of a plane can change that in a hurry. You don't have to make a huge deal of it, pack lunch or a backpack and go across the country. Just sign up online, go to the airport, jump out of a plane. Boom. It adds excitement, exhilaration and, once you successfully pull your chute, even some peace. This point is pretty self-explanatory. This brings me to my next point. 

Second, you experience a whole range of emotion. 

I've experienced many forms of emotion in my life, as I'm sure you have too, unless you're not human. But I've never experienced so many forms of emotion in such a short time. 

Once you get in the plane, of course, you're nervous. You think about what could happen and your mind starts to wonder and you start to panic. Your instructor notices that and calms you down a little bit, tells you to breathe and relax. During the course of the flight up he/she asks you, "are you ready to skydive?" Heck Yeah! 

Now you're pumped, you're excited. For a second, the nervousness leaves you and you realize you're about to do something amazing (this emotion is pretty fleeting, as you go back to being nervous pretty quick). 

Next is when the door opens and you glance down. Holy crap. Your stomach drops a little bit. The time has actually come. This is the most noticeable difference in jumping by yourself vs. jumping tandem. Tandem, they push you out of the plane. By yourself, you have to willing and knowingly jump out of a perfectly good airplane. But out you climb. Because adventure awaits. 

During the free fall your mind honestly kind of shuts off. All I remember was just doing what I was told in the class. Check altitude and pull the parachute. Once you pull the chute, it's one of the most relaxing and peaceful moments you can imagine. 

Literally in 10 seconds you go from the most excited and nervous you've ever been, to being still and relaxed, thousands of feet in the air, just you and God. Which brings me to my last point. 

Last, it really brings you closer to the Lord. 

Before you shrug this off and think I'm some super religious geek, just hear me out. On the way up to jump out of the plane, you can't really talk to anyone. It's too loud, it's too hot, it's too crowded. 

The only person I really spoke to was God. 

The ride up takes about 25 minutes. That's a lot of time to think about what you're about to do. And skydiving, there's no in between outcome. You pretty much either live or die (that sounds harsh but it's true). The odds of living are extremely high with today's parachute technology, but if something goes wrong, it's pretty much over. Like, if your parachute doesn't pull, you're not sitting there thinking, "Well, if I land this right, I could come out with a few broken bones." You're thinking, "This is it, this is how it ends." 

Due to this level of extremeness, you tend to go to God. You just have to put all your trust that He will protect you and will protect your chute and help it pull effectively. 

Once it is pulled, though, you can really see God's creativity. I dove near the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Everywhere I looked I saw God's creativity and I saw His workmanship. I was in awe of how amazing He is. Not only that, but I had 10 minutes in the chute by myself to thank Him for not only saving my life, but showing me just how awesome He is.  

Skydiving is pretty addicting. When I was on the way back to my house in the car, I couldn't stop smiling. I was so pumped and I couldn't wait until the next time I could do it again. 

You should try it. It's not just some adventurous thing to do. It's an amazing, different way to see God in His glory. Just try not to think about the consequences if things go wrong. 

Published by Jonathan Perelman