Hiii, hope you're all keeping well. This week I'm discussing all the reasons why you should learn a foreign language and the advantages that come with it. If you don't already know, I speak besides English, Irish, French & Spanish (not all fluently). My favourite being the latter.

"Why should I even learn another language? Everyone speaks English!"

Well first of all - this is the wrong attitude to begin with. Secondly, although English might be the language of business, and a lot of people have it as their second language, many people have no word of it. Yes learning a language requires a lot of work, effort, dedication & time, it's worth it in the end. It helps you to understand a culture, tolerance, the list goes on.

Nowadays, English is the langauge of business, but most multinationals (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft) when they're recruiting new staff, they look for people who can speak another language or even a third. It's a huge advantage to be able to speak a foreign language and it opens up a world of job/travel opportunities. In certain countries like Spain for example, children begin learning English at an early age of 4 upwards! while also Portuguese is common to learn if you're living near the border. Not to mention a lot of people also speak Catalan.

Learning a language

In the Netherlands, one of my friends David, whom I met on holidays, he spoke Dutch, English, German, French, and I think he was also taking Spanish, but had decided to drop it so he could focus on his other 3 for now. In Ireland the majority of children don't begin learning languages till the beginning of secondary school - so around 12/13, and we only learn 1!!!! I began at around 7 years old and took two languages luckily (in some schools you can only do 1 foreign language - because we have Irish as well to learn). I have a slight advantage in Ireland, speaking two foreign languages, but in comparison to other countries... well, it speaks for itself.

So tell me now - who will Google hire, you - who can only speak English... or someone else who can speak 4. It's not too late to begin learning a langauge - you can learn one at any age! through a variety of methods, and using lots of tips and tricks! Obviously now it depends on the genre of jobs you're applying for - but nonetheless, it looks impressive on your C.V. & it's great personal development.

Next week I'll be uploading a post on my tips and tricks for mastering a language :) so stay posted and let your friends/colleagues know :)

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