It's that time of year again, where everywhere you turn there are people bellowing "new year, new me" and "this will be my year", and you know full well that their promises will disappear approximately three days in. But do not be put off by the cliches, New Year's Resolutions can actually be so good for you. 

We've all tried to make them too, and they seem a lot easier to make than actually keep, it might seem difficult to actually keep up the motivation to diet, write more and eat healthier, especially when all the enthusiasm of Christmas and parties has gone, sometimes cosying up with a takeaway after a long day seems way more appealing than a salad, but you can do it - for yourself. 

Here are a few ideas on what goals to set that will benefit you, and also keep to them. 

Budget your money

Stay in touch with family and friends 

Quit smoking or drinking 

Eat healthier 

Wake up earlier 

With most resolutions or goals, it is about routine, they don't come easy - they take effort, time and a lot of motivation. Budgeting your money can lead you to have a less stressful life, living less materialistic/frugal will have significant effects on your mental health, not to mention you can treat yourself at the end of the month - and not feel guilty. 

Staying in touch with family and friends should be easy, right? Just call up your friends, chat with your parents, visit your siblings, it has been proven that those with stronger personal ties live longer than those without. 

Quitting smoking or drinking might seem very ambitious but just think about all the physical benefits, the money saved (and also no loss of dignity) the party season is over and it is time for you to become a healthier you. 

Eating healthier can actually be quite fun to start with but then a couple weeks pass and you're craving that delicious McDonalds, it is important to treat yourself every now and then - don't torture yourself, but make sure if you have a greasy takeaway to eat extra healthy for the few days after and maybe some intense exercise, don't let the takeaways win the battle. 

Waking up early is easy - it's the staying awake that's hard. Put your alarm clock away from your bed so you have to stand up, have a nice strong coffee and keep yourself busy - before you know it your body clock will be waking you up early naturally. 

Making New Year's Resolutions and keeping to them can actually be great for your mental and physical health, it's the perfect excuse to get a start on all those goals that you've been wanting to achieve for so long, just ignore the negativity surrounding resolutions and make 2017 your happiest and healthiest year. 

Budget your moneyBudget your moneyBudget your money

Published by Katie Anderton