1. They will beg you for your food and not be sorry about it. And then you will be forced to sacrifice a piece of precious pepperoni from your pizza.


2. They will hog the bed and force you to cuddle them. Be prepared to give up your warm sheets because they'll steal those too.


3. They will think that you are a giant human pillow, and will lie their head on your shins/stomach/face.

IMG_9065 IMG_2820

4. They force you to be late for class/work with their hypnotizing cuteness...they always know how to get their way....


5. They are the worst hiking buddies and they force you to push yourself. Tired of walking up this ginormous hill? HAHA TOO BAD


6. They make you want to drop all responsibilities and relax by watching the sunset. Is this really a bad thing though?


7. Sometimes they can be really really crazy and make you question your own sanity...Why did I agree to such a hyper dog again? Can't we just chill on the couch and be lazy?!


8. But at the end of the day, they love you no matter what. They always offer you kisses and cuddles, because you and peanut butter are all the know.


9.. And you love them back.


Published by Megan Kapple