RUN YOUR OWN RACE. First off I hope everyone had a great weekend and had successful races and/or long runs! Its the middle of the summer here in America and summer running season is in full swing. With all of the other runners out on the road, it can be a little intimidating seeing someone who is faster, or running farther than you. I know this feeling firsthand as I was passed by someone, and then lapped by them (with an IronMan Finisher tattoo, so I will definitely give them the respect they deserve). This is where running your own race comes into play.

It is so easy to get caught up in the logistical aspect of running. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great benchmark for measuring your progress and makes it easy to share and compare yourself to where you were when you began. When it comes to comparing those logistics to other runners, it can be easy to get down on yourself and say “wow I will never be as fast/go as far as them.” THIS IS NOT THE POINT. If you are training for time, awesome. Distance? Great! You reach those goals? Even better. What cannot be measured, and what stays with you long after those numbers fade, is how you feel.

Think of the first time you completed a run. That feeling of saying that you actually went for a run and completed it. Pretty awesome right? Now tell me what your pace and time was, along with your splits. I will bet that more people would be able to recall how they felt versus those specific pieces of information. Those feelings, while usually taking a backseat to the time and distance, are what keep us lacing up and heading out there. Whether it be feeling good about yourself physically, mentally, or spiritually, it keeps you going.


Run your own race. Because no one else can run your race quite like you. No one is going to live your life how you are meant to live it. While someone may be able to match your specific pace or distance, no one will be able to match and compare to your OWN feeling of finishing. And no one can feel that for you. It is yours alone to earn and own. This is what got me out of bed and onto the road at 5am this morning for 2 miles of running. What got you up?

Let’s change together, let’s run together.

– RunningchangesU

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