Today’s post is sports related. I am a very active person and I enjoy doing physical activity. I’ve started running this year and I would like to share with you some reason why you should also start running.


1. You can get rid of that extra energy

You know those days when, although you don’t want to work, you gave some extra energy that makes you restless? Well, running is exactly what you need. It will make you feel better and accomplished at the end of the day. After a few days, you will even feel pumped up and positive filled.


2. You can make new friends

You can either look up for some running groups around the place where you live or meet them on the way. Strong friendships can be build, especially when you might have more than one thing in common with that person.


3. You can spend some time alone

Even though you can make new friends, you don’t necessarily have to. If you’re a lone wolf, it’s totally fine. While running you have time to clear your mind and to disconnect from the quotidian stress.


4. You can get healthier

Sports, in general, are good for you whether you have or not a healthy issue. Although, if you have heart problems I’d suggest seeing a cardiologist before starting. Running is a very fun method of losing those extra kilogrammes and just feeling better in general.

Do you enjoy running? What sports do you practice?

 Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd

Published by Rebecca Radd