The use of flour is extensive in a majority of households and when we talk about flour, we normally think of wheat flour. The Art of Healthy Living suggests that using gluten-free flour instead of wheat flour is in a way beneficial to those who suffer from celiac disease or have a gluten sensitivity because the flour which is made up of wheat, rye or barley contain gluten in sizeable amount. Flours are uses for a lot of purposes not in normal households but also in bigger restaurant and eateries. It is a major form of ingredient that is both cheap and available for fulfilling the needs of thousands of people. We must give it a try next time we tend to include wheat flour in our meals but before that, we must know some properties of it.

Read on to find out.

* Gluten increases the elasticity of the dough whereas the gluten-free flour helps in holding on to the elasticity- we get to see that the pizza makers toss the dough in the air to make it stretch. This property is achieved by the presence of gluten in the flour. Thus, the gluten-free flour loses such stretching capability of the dough and lets it hold the elasticity for long.

* It works wonder for baking purpose- the gluten-free flour is very beneficial for baking purposes as compared to the other forms of flour. In case we sauté any item and bake it, using a combination of gluten-free flour can help in making the food more delicious.

* It does not let the rolls or bread hold their shape- an important property of the gluten-free flour is that it does not allow rolls or bread to be in shape. Thus you have to use loaf pans to bake a bread or use muffin tins for keeping the rolls in proper shape.

* Free from gluten means free of protein- as gluten is a form of protein, you cut off your meal from protein when you use gluten-free flour. Hence it is advised that you add egg whites to the flour to make it rich in protein.

If we want to lead a healthy life in the long run then we all must practice the Art of Healthy Living vigorously. When we are not well, no money can buy us happiness and that’s why people say “health is wealth”. It’s very important to take care of our health from a primary stage as it would help us remain fit in the long run. Often people tend to be neglecting towards their health citing the reason of their busy work schedules but what they fail to understand is that when you are not well you cannot even attend to your work and that may cause you greater harm. So it is advised that we take some out for ourselves to do exercises and maintain healthy eating habits to keep ourselves fit, and including gluten-free flour in your meals is one way to do so.

Published by Evie Mills