No doubt exists that Facebook is the undisputed king of the social media. Its use cuts across users of all ages and status in life and society. However, when it comes to underage users, there is a need for supervision so that the platform does not expose your child to dangers both in the online space and in the real world. One of the ways of doing this is using a Facebook tracker app to monitor what your child does on this platform. But why exactly should you spend your time monitoring your underage child’s Facebook activities? Get all the answer in the remaining sections of our post.

Safety First

When tracking, parental instinct dictates you have safety as your primary concern because the Net has become a hunting ground for online bullies. When tracking your child’s Facebook activities, focus on the first key to safety—their privacy settings because they can expose your child to the wrong people who can harm them. By checking their settings, you will be in a better position to know whether the kid has set them to private or public. If they are on the public, you can advise the kid to adjust to private to keep off the wrong people.

What Others Say About Them

Another reason to track your child’s Facebook account is the need to know what other people say about them. For instance, if you notice negative or insulting comments on their accounts, it will be possible to know that the child could be facing potential cyberbullying. Such comments could give you a clue to begin looking for signs of online bullying such as depression and withdrawal. Additionally, a good Facebook tracker can help you to set tracking for certain words that could hurt the child. For instance, you can track all phrases that suggest sex or sexually explicit content. Additionally, you can track words that indicate bullying and insults such as “ugly, empty-headed, and useless.”

Whom They Talk To

The third reason to track your child’s Facebook engagement is the need to know whom they speak to. Using a good Facebook tracker, you can check out some of the comments and postings the persons make. For instance, if your daughter communicates with friends who post nude photos, be sure that she is in danger of falling victim to porn acting or stripping. Also, it will be easier to know what they say to their contacts. For instance, if you find out that your son keeps sending sexually suggestive messages to a certain girl or girls, prepare to begin battling a serious sexual deviation inside him. In addition, tracking will enable you to know if your child is also learning bullying behavior. For example, if you notice the kid sending insulting messages to people who have not insulted them, then the young one is learning to bully.

Their Tags

Since teens are good at hiding their behavior and playing the saint when parents are around, you can know their real nature by looking at what they tag themselves in. If you notice the young chap tagging himself in indecent photos, ] you will know that they are deviating from the moral pathway you paved for them.

Many reasons exist for monitoring your child’s Facebook activities. By so doing, you will learn more about the secret side of your child and stand higher chances of making early corrections. The ball is now in your court to get a Facebook tracker and get ahead of the game.

Published by Sunil Pandey