Let’s talk about one of the most followed Netflix web television series of this year: Stranger Things. I personally loved the first season and can’t wait until the second will be released.

What I loved the most about this science fiction-horror series is that it’s clearly an homage to the 1980’s greatest movies and directors. There are distinctly references to Steven Spielberg’s works, as well as Stephen King’s and George Lucas’s, among many others.

The representation of the 1980’s is perfectly realistic, from the houses in the series, the woods, and all other surroundings, to the clothes and costumes of the protagonists. Everything makes the perfect 1980’s atmosphere.

Stranger Things tells the story of the vanishing of a 12 years old boy, Will Byers, in a fictional little town called Hawkins, in Indiana. Everyone is searching for the little boy, and his best friends will find out that he’s still alive, because of several “strange things” going on. His mother, Joyce, played by one of the most iconic American actresses, Winona Ryder, knows that his son is alive, but no one trusts her at the beginning. The appearance of a strange girl with incredible powers, Eleven, makes the series even more mystic.

I’m not particularly fond of science fiction, but this series is really well made; the Duffer Brothers, the American twin couple who invented Stranger Things, manages to mix science fiction elements, a great story of hope, friendship and trust, horror elements and a complete detective story, everything in just one series! Plus, the soundtracks are all amazing, with many great songs from the 1980’s, and original scores composed by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon of the electronic band Survive.

Within the first 35 days of release, Stranger Things was watched by around 14,7 million people from the age of 18 to 49, being identified as the third most watched season of the entire Netflix platform.

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Published by Iole Catanzaro