After the UK voted to leave the EU, there has been an undeniable disgusting and horrible increase in racist incidents around the country. Much to the dismay of the remain voters who honestly did not believe their faith in politics and Britain could get any lower than it already was, the ignorance and hostility deriving from this victory seems to be the unwanted icing on the brexit cake. The increase in hate crimes seems to stem from those who believe the brexit win has given them a plausible excuse or a platform to show their racist feelings. 

It really isn't a surprise, the leave campaign was fuelled by racism and anti-immigration propaganda, notably seen with the poster which demonised refugees who were fleeing for their lives which apparently mirrored a nazi campaign. Run by Nigel Farage who is notoriously known for being bigoted, his reply to a recent hate crime on a Manchester bus in which a man was told to leave the country by three young men was "if they had those feelings those feelings should not be as strong this week." Farage has never fully condemned racism, so can we all really be shocked that there has been rise in hate crime?

The view comes from the idea that these people voted leave and won the referendum and therefore immigrants should leave, thus the attacks are aimed at immigrants or people believed to be immigrants. 

This is a terrifying time for anybody that isn't white British and whether you voted to remain or leave if you disagree with the violence and hatred being thrown towards people, an amazingly simple and easy idea to show people, who may feel threatened, that you stand with them and you support them has been introduced.

Wearing a safety pin on your clothes to show solidarity, makes you become a friendly face, bringing a little bit of hope to the country. The safety pin becomes a sign that you are a safe person to sit next to, ask for directions or even talk to. 

If you are against the racism that has been shown in the media then show your support, become an alley for the people that will be feeling the full brunt of this awful time and wear a safety pin. 

Published by Katie Anderton