People normally have mixed visions about Vietnam and the safety conditions of the country. But for me, and a bunch of other travellers I’ve spoken to, I have never felt so safe in an Asian country. I seem to make a habit of making a new place feel like home, and I begin to grow with these countries. Vietnam was definitely one that I grew to love immensely.

I assure you too will fall in love with…

The People 

The Vietnamese people are incredible. They are super friendly, funny and overall respect the tourists in their country. They help you out when you are lost instead of laughing at you for being lost, which I really appreciated when I was lost in Ho Chi Minh. I also found that in Vietnam compared to other countries, they do not pester you to look in their shops when you are walking by, making shopping in Vietnam much more enjoyable.

The Bikes 

Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi are packed with motorbikes. Every single person owns one, and every single person is forever out on the street with them, making the cities super busy. You will soon get use to having to cross the road whilst the bikes swerve around you, as waiting to cross where there are no bikes around is close to impossible. Don’t worry, they won’t hit you (I hope!).

The History 

Ah Vietnamese history, what a lifetime they have had. From heartache to triumphant victories, immersing yourself amongst 1000s of years of history will make you feel like you are truly amongst the mix of Vietnamese life.

Halong Bay 

One of the most famous bays in the world will make you fall in love with Vietnam all on it’s on. Halong Bay draws in 1000s of tourists yearly, making it a very popular site to visit. It is a four hour drive from Hanoi allowing you to check out the Vietnamese towns and communities on the way. Check out myHa Long Bay post for details on this beautiful part of the world.

The Coffee 

It is known world wide that Vietnam has the best tasting coffee in the world. I do not drink coffee (but totally love the smell), but for all you coffee enthusiasts, this is the place for you. Most of the coffee you will find in your home town, is imported from Vietnam – depending where about’s you live in the world that is.

The Colours 

Vietnam is such a vibrant and enthusiastic country, from the cities to the countryside, Vietnam offers a rich taste of colour and culture.

The Floating Markets 

Here, in Vietnam, is where I visited my first ever floating market – Can Tho, which is just a few hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City. The Floating markets are truly a different experience, people float around on their boats selling fruit, clothes, merchandise and everything else you would discover at a normal set of markets. Going to Vietnam and not visiting the floating markets, is just a waste of the opportunity you have to visit such a buzzing community on top of water.

I hope, in some small way, that these factors of Vietnam have inspired you to take a trip. What do you love about Vietnam? 

Published by Brooke Fryer