When you are little, a birthday is exciting for a number of reasons: everyone in the class wishes you happy birthday in return for sweets, you get presents from a number of relatives and you get to have a party (where you get even more presents). Since we are living in a materialistic world, the focus here is on the presents. As a child, you look forward to your birthday and make lists of things you want just like christmas. As an adult the list doesn't exist, if I think of something I want (and it is in my budget) I can just buy it for myself. 

In reality, this day is just like any other day. You don't get a free pass off of work or school and you don't physically change. The day that was important was that day of the year when you were born. 

Tomorrow I am 20. I haven't made a list of things I need to do before I am 20, I haven't set myself resolutions and I haven't made any specific birthday plans. Some may say that that is a waste of a birthday. I would argue that there are many other days I would like to celebrate more, like the day I move to France for a year or Christmas with my family. 

I am not saying that birthdays should not be celebrated at all, I am simply saying that if , like me, plans fall through and your birthday does not live up to expectations, it is not a problem, wait till your friends are free and celebrate later. It doesn't have to be on the day. After all you will be 20 (or whatever age you are) for a whole year! 


Published by Ciara Munnelly