I do not know why today is different than any other day of my life, but it is. Since 2013, I have had a clearer mission, and I knew I would do whatever to support that, and I have.  Now it is 2016, the mission continues developing into the passion I have for total sustainable spirituality.  The definition for that is simple:  It is the total person:  spiritual within a sustainable physical body.  Both are necessary for happiness.  And it is why I am feeling wildly successful today.  I now know who I am and what I am doing for the moment and for the months and for the years to come, but focusing on the moment!


For me, it is growing into the work I love while growing into love.  I am inspired by the love within my spiritual side, my heart, my soul.  I love my life, I love my work.  I am spiritual, and I am sustainable.  One of my favorite books is INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE:  Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!  by Tama Kieves.  Tama has been with me through her books and other interactions through my transition, and she sits in an honor spot in my office.  Her concept is that the world does not hold a person back; the person holds the world back.  Letting our strength remain dormant is common until we realize we do have a power that is inherently ours.  The power to be wildly successful!  

Here in Northeast Ohio, it was news yesterday that the last remaining vestige of a popular amusement park is being dismantled in the coming weeks.  The local news went live to show the ancient roller coaster which has fallen into disrepair, but, for me, the closeups of parts of the coaster were real to me bringing back the days of going to Geauga Lake, riding the coaster, and feeling the anticipation of the ascent to the first decline!  It was real, it was wild, and I could feel the emotions, and maybe that is why today is different, the spark of wild was reignited and it feels good.  

My days of needing approval from others is long gone, now it is my turn to become wild.  I never was really wild growing up as the “good Catholic girl”.  I was quietly wild after my failed marriage, dating men who never would have been in my world before my marriage.  I had a long-term “relationship” in a forbidden environment, which ended about the time I went wild and took the flying leap to start my business.  He would never approve of our relationship in the developing wildness that had become me…quietly.  Over our years together, I had become more and more spiritual.  I had become more sustainable in philosophy.  The truth is, wild with him was not sustainable…he was aging, and being the same age, I was not his idea of sustainable.  He is with a woman several decades younger than either of us now.  I am sure that for him that is wild.

So now, I begin the wild time of my life, pursuing my mission, pursuing my passion, in all parts of life.  Wild success is what I can give to the world.  Wild success is the personification of the butterfly’s transformation…moving fast, moving beautifully, and moving in ways no one can direct.  I am no longer playing small for any one of many reasons.  I made a choice to play it big, each moment and every day of my life!  If I am liked in my new role, thank you, God.  If not, I must be doing something right to piss off people, so thank you, God, for that, too!  

SHINING is great…I shine for me, if the shine spreads to others, thank you, God!  God began the flow of wild success when he began the Universe…it is flowing 14+ billion years later…now that is a sustainable spiritual star!

Published by Janice Marie