Sometimes, we can get a little confused in todays day and age on who is the real Jesus. Looking around we see jesus almost everywhere, we have jesus in islam, jesus in new age, jesus in philosophy. We have the self confidence jesus in christianity, the prosperity jesus and the healing jesus in christianity. In some of the mega churches we have the feel good about yourself jesus, jesus the coach and lifestyle consultant who cheers you on and helps you to succeed in life.

Is it any wonder we sometimes can get the impression we have lost sight of who Jesus is? And how can we in all of this identify the real Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible?

I guess you have been in this situation yourself, you are working at your computer and something happens that makes it freeze up and it refuses to work the way it is supposed to be. Its frustrating and you choose to force it to restart by pressing the on/of button until the screen goes black.

Luckily for us God was a little bit more patience with us when Adam and Eve sinned. He was their creator, and they had chosen by their own free will to sin against Him. He would be justified in restarting His creation by annihilate Adam and Even and create something else, somebody who would choose not to disobey Him. Luckily He did not restart His creation because He loves us to much to do so.

Instead of restarting His creation He expelled Adam and Eve from the garden. Refusing them access to the garden did not solve the guilt issue. God is holy so He has to punish sin or else He would not be holy and just.

The idea of God punishing sin is repugnant to many of my readers. They find it very hard to accept Gods right to punish sin. But at the same time, they would like God to be just, holy and loving. A judge on this earth would be a corrupt and a evil judge if he did not serve justice on crimes committed. A good judge is always a judge who is just and loving enough to punish the crime, and at the same time, make sure the criminal is stopped from hurting himself and others by sending him or her to jail.

We have to accept that if God is holy, loving and righteous He has every right to punish sin and He has every right to determine what that punishment would be.

So when God expelled Adam and Eve from the garden He could not overlook the fact that they had sinned. But He loved them to much to kill them. So He acted out of love and provided a sacrifice to cover their sin and satisfy the need for justice. He slaughtered the first lamb, and the blood of that lamb covered the sin of Adam and Eve.

In the years that was to come God never expected the israelites to follow His laws. He knew the human sin nature made it impossible for them to live righteous obeying His laws. But He continued to love them to much to kill them. So He introduced the sacrificial system. Each time an animal was sacrificed for the sins of the people the blood of that animal covered their sins. (Lev 17:11)

To understand Jesus we have to understand this, God knew they could not live the way they where supposed to. He had every right to demand a sacrifice from the human race. And if we where unable to come up with that sacrifice, He had every right to kill us all. We have sinned, we chose to sin, so we have no excuse for our sins. But He loves us to much to just kill us, so He provides the sacrifice we need to be reconciled to Him. He did not have to do this, but love made Him do it.

The blood of animals could only cover the sins of humans, it could never atone for the sins of humans. So at the time humans could never be reconciled to God, they could only be temporary forgiven by offering up sacrifices to Him.

But God wants us to have a relationship with Him and to have a relationship we first have to be reconciled to Him. The only way we could be reconciled to Him would be through the sacrifice of human innocent blood that could atone for the sins of the entire human race.

Because of Adams sin no human on this earth could serve as that sacrifice. We inherit the sin nature from Adam through the blood, the sin nature corrupts us and makes it impossible for us to avoid sin by our own willpower. So there was no way we could be reconciled to God because the sacrifice needed did not exist.

Because of love God gave us the sacrifice we needed to be reconciled to Him, He gave us His own Son Jesus Christ.

If Jesus had been born out of normal marriage relations between Joseph and Mary, He would have inherited Adams sin nature from Joseph. That would have made it impossible for Him to avoid sin. So God chose instead to create for Himself a body in Marys womb. That way God knew His body would not inherit the DNA from Joseph and avoid inherit the sin nature.

Being born without a sin nature made it possible for Jesus to obey the law of God 100%. He was tempted in every way to sin, but the devil had no hold on Him because He had no sin nature. He never lied, He never hated, He never stole anything, He never worshiped idols, He never committed adultery, He never disrespected His parents and He always lived a perfect life.

Living a perfect innocent life His blood was innocent blood. Innocent human blood is the only blood that can atone for human sin. (Lev 5:11, 17:11, Hebr 9:22). So when Jesus went to the cross to die for our sins His blood was the payment for the sins of humanity past, present and future. If we believe God sacrificed His Son for our sins on a cross, God will forgive us for our sins and grant us righteousness.

Let me repeat myself:

If we believe God sacrificed His Son Jesus Christ for our sins, we will be given righteousness and forgiveness by God.

God did not have to do this, He could have just killed us all because of our sins and nobody could blame Him. But He loves us to much to do so, but He also loves us to much to force us to accept what He has done for us. So out of love He gives us a choice, a choice between believing in what He has given us in Jesus or choosing to take on the punishment for our sins ourself. The punishment for our sins will be an eternity in hell.

So you have a choice, a choice between accepting the love of God in His sacrifice for our sins or accepting your own punishment for your own sins.

This is how we identify the real Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible.

The Jesus of the Bible, the real Jesus did not come to improve your life. He did not come to be your healer, provider, guide, friend, life coach or as a prophet. He did not come as a space ship captain in new age or to cheer you on and make sure you succeed in life.

He came to die for your sins, as Gods sacrifice for your sins to make it possible for you to be reconciled to God. And in that reconciliation He will provide everything you need. He will provide healing, provision, guidance, friendship, wisdom and insight.

Allow me to repeat myself again:

God wants you to be healthy, wealthy, secure, provided for, safe, guided, filled with joy and wisdom. (Deut 28:1-13) But all of these things will only come to you and be a reality in your life IF you first accept His sacrifice for your sins, Jesus Christ.

But this is not just a one time event, we keep sinning and we will keep sinning for the rest of our life. So you have to keep your focus, your trust and your faith for the rest of your life on one thing and one thing only: Jesus Christ died for your sins and His blood payed the price you could never have payed.

That ensures a life lived in victory over the flesh, the world and the devil. That ensures a relationship with God.

I know I have a lot of muslim readers and word of faith readers, so I want to mention this as well. Jesus died a physical death on the cross for our sins. And for three days He was dead and buried. But after those three days God raised Him from the dead. His resurrection proved that His sacrifice for our sins was accepted by God. So the resurrection has never been in question, Jesus lives today and He sits at the Fathers right hand and for all those who accept His sacrifice He calls us His own brothers and sister.

You cant claim to love Jesus if you dont love Him for His sacrifice for your sins. You cant be ok with a life of sin and at the same time love Jesus, He died for your sins so if you choose a life of sin you are blaspheming what He did for you. You cant worship other gods and love Jesus at the same time, that is blaspheming His sacrifice on the cross.

If you love Jesus you have to love Him for His cross where He died for your sins. There is no other Jesus then that Jesus who died for your sins.

Published by Apostle Ernie