In an article published by the Christian Post two years ago a group of young men and women from an organization called Students for Life made the following boast:

"Millennials will be the generation that ends abortion"

Whether you've watched the final debate last night between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton or are just waking up this morning to the highlights, by now you know without a shadow of a doubt where each candidate stands on the issue of abortion. 

So, will this be the generation that ends abortion? 

Only time will tell. 

Nonetheless, before casting your vote next month please bear in mind that when it comes to the term 'pro-life' what this means is that there are no if, ands, or buts when it comes to abortion. To say otherwise or to make exceptions based on varying circumstances is to be pro-choice. 

Now, with that said whether you are on the fence about this election, or have decided to sit this one out, or will be casting your vote on Election Day, before making any decisions I want to encourage you to check out a powerful and award-winning documentary on the hot-button topic of abortion. 

Please visit to watch this FREE film and see how eight people's minds were changed in eight seconds. 

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Published by Dennis Miranda