side by side making a way being guided by the one and only true

Lord Jesus Christ. So Carefully placing each blessing in our paths. Our angels Carry such a high title. Keeping the sheep of God in order while also protecting  our ways. My God the way you have a team fighting for your sheep just as you lead us to protect ourselves and his purpose for our lives. Keep in mind that in any situation good or bad, Lord Jesus has a plan and a rebound for those whom feel what they see is all there is. As if he is carrying us through life with out physically carrying us. I’m not sure about yall but I am blessed just to Have a father with such good care and intention’s. May you always build your faith off of things he has already done for you, Not things you hope he will make happen for you. What he has in store for us all, will never add up to our own desires. And I like to believe that is only because what he has for us, is grater then what we want for ourselves. So keep Faith… Jesus loves you, he angels are protecting you, and Your path he has for you will only strengthen your purpose.

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews