Winning to me is doing something to better yourself, being places you’ve said u wanted to be, exploring the things you dreamed of and spending it with the people u love. Not only should you love what you’re doing but also loving yourself at the same damn time. Give yourself some credit for all your efforts and everything you’ve achieved; no-one put in the work that you did! Yes, you may have had help and had people handle some things for you but regardless YOUmade it happen.
There will always be people trying to knock your hustle or make you feel like you don’t deserve it or don’t feel like you should be winning the way you are. I’m here to tell you to forget those people. You see people like that will always hate even if your bringing them in, they will always hate that it’s not them(remember they don’t hate you they just hate what you have). They will always play down your efforts and speak negatively when someone else is trying to praise you. Don’t pay attention to these people they either want to be where you are but don’t know how to get there and don’t like to ask for help or they don’t want to believe you’re doing better than them…. We call these the irrelevant bunch.🙄

For me I absolutely love to see people winning. I love knowing that someone has now made the step to work for themself; they’ve made that platform to perform and show everyone what they got to offer. But what I admire most of all is the passion and time these people dedicateto making their dreams come true. It’s hard finding the time to manage everything you have going on aswell as pursuing your dreams so I rate you fully if your one of those people grinding and working your ass off to get YOUR business booming!
To those who hate and don’t appreciate; maybe take some time out to think of something you could do, something you enjoy. It doesn’t need to be something you’re skilled in but if you have a passion for it I guarantee it could be amazing. Put ideas down on paper and take it one step at a time, people allow the speed of someone else’s success to put a doubt in their mind that they can’t do it; THAT IS NOT TRUE! You can do it if you put the time, effort and love into it. You need to believe in yourself before you believe in your brand. You can do it trust me!
P.s. One thing you should know is you should never let your pride get in the way to ask for help.
Danielle Rochelle 💖

Published by Danielle Rochelle