Whether you are wrapped up in your studies at college or stay busy all day being the boss babe, being a modern multifaceted woman you cannot compromise on looking stylish no matter how busy you are. Slouchy dressing not only tends to lower your own self confidence but also affects the impression you make on people. When the chilly weather downs on you refrain from drowning yourself in layers and layers of clothing which will not only make up end up look out of shape but also feel uncomfortably heavy throughout the day. Invest in basic pieces which are of great quality that you can style in a jiffy and look your stylish best without putting much time or effort.

  1. Thermals to keep you toasty

The biggest mistake most of us make is buying cheap clothes made of synthetic materials so we keep on piling layer upon layer and still fail to stay warm enough, meanwhile, we end up looking like a stuffed potato by the end. You should invest in pure wool thermals if you want to stay super warm even when the mercury drops. They fit you quite snuggly so you can layer a few pieces on top of these thermals without adding unnecessary volume.

  1. The classic coat

If you want a super chic and stylish look which oozes sophistication then a coat is your best friend. The structured build of this piece gives a very flattering shape to your silhouette which is a rarity when you dress during the winter season. It is essential that you invest in a coat which is made with quality material like pure wool so you can ditch stacking layer upon layer of clothing. Coats can be styled for a professional look with trousers or a smart casual look with skinny jeans or even with our very own sarees. Make sure to get one in a neutral colour like black, grey, beige or white for easy styling when you go for shopping jacket online. Coats are an absolute winter staple in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. 

  1. A stole to steal hearts

An easy and quick way to add some style in any winter outfit is a comfy stole. Invest in pashmina, pure wool or cashmere stoles in solid colours and prints .You can lift even a simple t shirt and skinny jeans look just by throwing on a quirky printed stole. For formal looks, choose a stole in a solid colour and tie a knot for a polished look. The best part about stoles is that they can be paired with both western and ethnic wears very effortless. They not only provide some classy style but also keep you super warm and cosy. Winter outfits much like the days can be quite dull in colour so you should keep a good collection of bright coloured stoles to add that pop of colour to your otherwise muted outfit.

You can find women winter jackets online along with thermals as well as stoles at very reasonable prices and assure guarantee in quality. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pieces quickly and get ready for the holiday season.

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