Like the freshly fallen snow,

like the pages I cling to,

like the days ahead.

Hiding behind the shadows,

to keep my thoughts from screaming


Compare the flowers,

the sky is too grey

autumn coming too quickly.

Dreams are like pebbles in too tight shoes

every step is a reminder.

They coax me to sleep in the dead of night

push me out of bed at dawn,

a constant itch I can’t satisfy.

My umbrella is my barrier,

raindrops fall off

instantly splattering onto the concrete.

When I was young

I didn’t hold so tightly

didn’t squeeze my eyes shut.

Dandelions were flowers

rainy days meant adventures.


catching fireflies

smiles and dreams.

I was a princess,

an adventurer

a dreamer.

Small dreams of sailing away,

creating beauty,

loving the unseen.

Raindrops melt down the window blurring the view,

windshield wipers on,

everything is fast

yearning to slow down

to just be.

Published by Kendall Johnson