We have become the Society. Today more than ever we are all connected. We are a network, a dense network, a pulsating organ. Who voluntarily, some less. It ‘very hard to not be part of this mechanism precisely because our civilization is building its new bases on the connection. Or, to be more precise, on the localization. On cancellation of privacy. On self-monitoring. Phones, social, chat, location, events, photos, videos and still photos. Somehow you tell everyone where you are and what you do; and then eating, walking, or simply do nothing become races whose unit of measurement is the Like. It too easily shares his privacy, he sells at the expense of our ability to enjoy the lack of social interaction; love for one’s individuality. And in the absence of privacy it is reinforced a concept that already existed before all this: the self-monitoring. Needless to mention cameras around the city, or as we are increasingly controlled if we do not realize that we ourselves are the first to do so, unwittingly or not, with us and with our contacts.

Published by Antony Risi