Evening walks are my favorite, especially during summer when the days are long and the sun goes down only an hour or two before midnight. The temperature is comfortable, the sky dark but the sun yet radiating some warmth that seeps through the tree tops. It's calm at this time, yet wildlife creeps forward. Dorian doesn't react to his surroundings, but keeps his nose locked to the ground and peaks his ears forward. The moss is soft yet crunchy at the same time and painted in a variation of blues and greens. Wild flowers grew among them, competing for the space and the rich earth.

There is a distinct rustling in the distance, announcing the presence of a large and heavy animal, so we take a different turn and wander around in an open space. The light of the setting sun dances along with us, casting shadows and shapes that manage to be daunting and beautiful at the same time. An owl hoots and Dorian pauses, his gaze fixed on the sky, before he joins me at my feet and sits. I beckon him to follow and together we climb over rocks and fallen trees, crawl underneath a branch that hung low after a storm. Eventually we stop to catch our breathes, and that is when I look up at the sky. Orange is speckled across, streaks of red breaking through the brightness. Slowly the sun sinks behind the leafy tree tops and the darkness tries to swallow the light. It fails, as it always does, and dots of light burst through and cut through the moody atmosphere like razor sharp blades. For a moment they battle, branches trying to block out the brightest of things, but beauty always wins. Just like that, the falling sun looks like hundreds of fairies twirling around the forest, singing their last song before they wish the woods a good night.

What's your favorite time to go for a walk? 

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Published by Quelly And Dorian