As the New Year celebrations are still fresh and ripe in our minds, it was perfectly apt to touch the topic of contemplation about a passing year. Though each one of us must have celebrated this occasion in our own unique way, it is difficult to come in terms with a lost year. Before we even realize that the calendar has shifted its year by one digit ahead, we may find ourselves six months into its course. And before we plan for the remaining half of the year, it is time to think about the year-end celebrations.

   Though you may not completely agree with my chain of thoughts, I am sure it shall resonate with you in one way or the other. No matter what lifestyle you practice or what path you choose- passing days, months and years seem to run at their own pace. Though you must have studied about their calculation in school, they may appear as incorrect and impractical, when you think of it today.

   Every passing year moves in a quick manner, offering us little time for contemplation or retrospection. While fast paced life is a good sign of progress, development, engagement and happiness, it makes us active with passing days. Every single year appears as a unique story in itself with its own plot and dominant characters. Characterized by good, bad, happy, sad, fun-loving and routine moments, each year is filled with its unique charm. Passing years represent our growth as we step ahead with more maturity, stability, understanding and experience.

   Though a particular year may not be filled with some of the best happening events of our life, it may still leave behind few valuable lessons, experiences, memories and teachings to last for a lifetime. Days, months and years are fragments of time marching with a fixed schedule, yet they cast a powerful impact over the course of our journey. This makes it essential to value their presence and make the best of the moment. If we fail to respect its value, we may lose several precious aspects in our life. Passing years are designed to make us more knowledgeable, matured and understanding for greater challenges ahead. Instead of waiting for the perfect year or dreaming about an ideal year in life, it is essential to convert the present into a success story.

    Another striking similarity that we all encounter every passing year is magnified amounts of determination along the start. It starts off with a resolution or a goal during the initial few days, followed by a serious, strict schedule for couple of days ahead. Slowly and steadily as challenges mount, uncertainties move in, boredom increases, failures haunt and life presents its routine tale, we may find ourselves moving away from the goal. All this lasts till the end of the year, before we promise for a big start all over again. Following a fixed cycle year after year, this attitude grips each one in its own stride. Before you realize a New Year commences and before you realize once again, this New Year comes to an end. Such is the tale of life in a nutshell as years add meaning and purpose to our journey.

  After a thoughtful introspection, let me summarize my thoughts over this hasty friend who visits us regularly.


  • Passing years appear as ticking clocks, moving at their own pace.
  • Each year is a unique story in itself, bringing its share of ups and downs.
  • Years align themselves along a cycle, passing one after the other. They start off on an encouraging note, followed by boredom and struggle, finally ending with joy for a new start all over.
  • Every year teaches us something valuable. It adds to our stock of experiences, adventures, lessons and values.
  • Each passing year has an agenda of its own. We may not realize it while being gripped in its tight schedule, yet it certainly makes us wiser, matured and experienced at every step.


So, whether you are excited for this New Year or still coming in terms with the reality of its occurrence, passing years are truly wonderful gifts to our life. Enjoy the year, work hard, smile harder and embrace the present, after all life is too short to complain, analyze, regret or cry! 

Published by Lavanya