\. The strength of defining existence while divinely teach life; life.  


Me: I don’t understand the way of a woman in this world

Him: Meaning in what stance

Me: The stance of us being looked down upon. As if we come second to men…

Him: Well I b....

Me: …as if we the women who go through 9 months of physical and mental change for life, carrying around the pure existence of a human being.

As if we the women, the main reason you breathe so macho today is because a strong woman carried you for 9 months and near by death gave birth to the very existence of your being. Women. We. Create. Life.

Why are we second when should be on the biggest pedestal high enough never to be reached? We should have the best jobs the highest pay because not only after giving birth and redefining our bodies and minds, we still decide to work.

How amazing, a Woman is. What her body can do; the fact that God gave us the ability to create Life. Pure existence. How Beautiful. Thank you, Father. Thank you!

Him: Oh, how amazing (as he gazes at her; listing to their kids giggle. Kisses’ her softly while gently rubbing her hair) You create life!


-Cierra Crews

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews