If you’re familiar with the story of the Samaritan Woman at the Well* you’ll notice we added a third character, Matthew. We added him because we set the story at a campsite, and because in the bible Jesus mentions a “husband” but he’s not physically present at the scene.

The setting: my original thought was that most modern-day women don’t go camping by themselves. My wife thought women would be offended by this notion. Leave it to a woman to complicate things.

smilewink.jpg             Anyway, why not throw in Matthew? The name Matthew means “gift of Yahweh.” Consider him an added bonus to the story.

We wanted Matthew to be the male version of Photina. He has an unrealized deep spiritual thirst. Jesus is the equal opportunity redeemer. He came to save all of us.

Photina (Stephanie Finklea) and Matthew (Robert Green) pitch a tent, a temporary home with a weak structure. It’s symbolic of their Godless relationship.

In the bible story Photina had five “husbands.” In our modern-day context it’s similar to unmarried couples shacking up together. The woman usually seems to be the one shamed in this situation. The man should be held just as accountable.

Adding Matthew also helps to increase the tension because a woman will be freaked out by some weird guy who “knows things” about her. She runs to tell her boyfriend (husband) who confronts Joshua (modern-day Jesus) with a rubber mallet (hammer, later used to drive nails into His flesh).

That’s intense stuff, or “in tents” because they’re camping.

tent-campfire.jpg               While Photina runs back to her campsite, she leaves her full water jug there, symbolically filled with her sins. Joshua prays, purifies her water, cleansing Photina of her sins.

Of course Matthew’s going to be very defensive and want to protect his woman and himself. Joshua (William Wright) defuses the situation with a common thing we all need - nourishment. He offers them hot dogs and Rotella’s hot dog buns. “They do make the best hot dog buns.”

Joshua carries the bucket of water back to their campsite. He carries their sins and refreshes them. He helps them build the fire.

Their food gets cooked and purified for their physical nourishment (MMMM! Hot Dogs!).

hotdog.jpg                  They also receive spiritual rekindling and nourishment. Photina wants to learn more about Joshua’s Father.

Joshua reminds us “the time is near.” God loves us so much that sent His only son to be with us now. He’s walking the earth today.

Will you Walk Along With Him?

*Please read the scripture passage from John 4:4-42 then watch our short film At The Water Spigot.

Published by Shawn Watson