There is numerous misconception and myths about women fitness and health issues; while the research shows exercise, training programs, diet, eating habits are proportionally related to the fitness level for the women.

In this article, we are going discuss some key tips that may increase your fitness level and improve lifestyle.

1. Exercise is an integral part that has the direct connection with women’s health and fitness. There are many different types of exercise program you may wish to join. However, many women avoid resistance or weight programs due to fear that it may build muscle fast for women.

If these issue cancers you then please join other programs such as power walking, running, skipping, yoga, aerobics, flexibility program etc. Please make sure to consult with doctors before joining or beginning any exercise program.

During completing the exercise, if you feel any severe pain then stop the program immediately and make consultation with your doctor.


2.  If you fail to maintain the daily routine of your exercise program then you can go for a 30 minutes’ walk and that should partially substitute the exercise routine. Ensure that you got proper footwear that provides you comfort and also the support.

Additionally, also make sure that you hydrate yourself by drinking enough water before and after the physical exercise.


3.  Banana is one of the ideal foods for women and having a banana before 30-45 minutes earlier from the exercise begins provides great energy.

You may also take post-exercise foods such as chicken, rice, vegetable etc. 


4.  If you want to build muscle fast then it is advisable to take rest of 30-45 seconds between the sets. Also, it is important to cool down after the heavy exercise program.

This is because your body needs to aid the recovery process by slowing down activity and with this, you may wake up early tomorrow without any sore in your body.


5.  You should track the progress of your fitness level and there are several ways to monitor this. You may just monitor your weight level on weekly or fourth nightly basis and keep a record to see your progress.

Additionally, you should measure the blood pressure level.


Nowadays there are many home-based digital blood pressure monitoring devices are available. Also, general well-being is an indicator of your progress.


If you start the day feeling with more energy or you are sleeping better or if you are feeling happier on a daily basis then this indicates that you are progressing with your fitness goal. 

Published by ahmed shifat