I saw a video on facebook of a women who had amazing football skills, like phenomenal skills. Was she fully dressed? Full football kit on? COURSE NOT. She had a little bralett on and tiny shorts. That was it... 90% of her body was on show. So what does this say for women, you are only interesting and talented if your half naked? People will only give you attention for you skills if your exposing yourself? Maybe she is extremely confident and doesn't care and is just in her usual clothing. Why should she care? You go girl.

But seriously, the way women are sexualised in modern society is shameful, adverts using them as a table for accessories all this is doing was reinstating the idea that we are objects, no worth, and we wonder why women are not treated with respect. If society see's women presented to them as objects via various media stimuli then that is exactly how we will treat women.

The feminist movement tried to desexualise breasts, let's be realistic that is never going to happen. The movement took twitter by storm with #FREETHENIP. Women would post pictures without a bra, breasts completely exposed, whatever they felt they wanted to show. The theory was to flood the internet with these images to the point people became so used to seeing them that they wouldn't be sexualised and it would become normal. It is safe to say it didn't really work, I mean it helped women feel empowered but did not desexualise anything. I think it was trying to teach women also to not be ashamed of their bodies, to show them off and be confident. I do love it when things like this happen, it does challenge society in their ways of thinking and gets everyone talking.

Studies have actually found that if you are very pretty you are less likely to get high up within a company. This is apparently because this beauty is comorbid with feelings of mistrust and incompetence, whereas if you are less pretty but not ugly you will go far, this is due to feelings of trust and attraction.

It is bullshit when you think about it, then again there is nothing much you can do about it, literally have associated beauty with negative connotations. In today's society I am really pleased to see a stronger focus on women's sports and women's achievements, it is definitely a step in the right direction. We just need to keep moving forward . We are human too, we deserve the same respect and the same treatment. I would like to see that we can appreciate women who have talent and take notice of them especially when they have their clothes on.

I am no feminist but it is something I am passionate about, when males or other females even see women as objects or sexual objects it can lead to abuse. It is scary, to think something so harmless as an advert can have such adverse effects long term.

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt