Searching on the internet about one of my all times Latin-American authors, founded a post that of course had nothing to do with what I was looking for, but the title read something like this: Women’s Translation Month, and I said wow maybe is a sign!, you know keeping my superstitious Latin side alive.

When I started to read the content of this article I could not believe what she was saying, come on “we are on the 21st century” and I know that in the last 10 years the work of now very famous female writers have been published. The article talked about the preference that publishing houses and reviewers have over books written by male authors more than by female authors and compared the number of female authors whose works were published or translated into other language with the number of male authors, and the result was that the difference was really impressive. I had to check this information from other sources because I could not believe it as I said at the beginning of my post, but I have to say is true. 

“We cannot believe the truth until We see it with our own eyes”

Of course these numbers have raised thanks to a few campaigns made in support to female writers work, but the difference is still big. The author of the post invites all of us to join their campaign online by sharing and joining their campaign with the hashtags: #WITmonth and #womenintranslation, and to pick a book wrote by a women and publish a review in Amazon, Goodreads or any other blog or site about books.

As I am big believer that Our Capacities (Men & Women) are not different, the only thing that is different is the style we use to show what we are capable to do. Plus, times are changing, and what better prove to that than we women have the Force with us now.

So join this campaign, and if I might say start reading this one: “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” by Jen Sinsero. If you are starting your own business or thinking about it, this is the perfect book for you, I loved it is practical and inspiring. I do not know if this book has translations in other languages but it will be an incredible idea if people in other locations and other languages could read it. Have a good day!

Published by Victoria Miranda