Why are we against each other?
What happened to standing together and being proud?

Empowering and embracing women, not being against?
Standing together?

What is has happened and what is happening?


These days I have noticed so many women criticizing and analyzing other women, it has probably always been their behind closed doors but now social media is everywhere it pushed in the faces of everyone all day everyday, women judging and being nasty, I just don’t get it.


I understand that in life, we are not going to like everyone, we are not going to agree and stand by everyone, we have arguments and fallings out and people just don’t get on that’s fine your not forced to be best mates with this person but what I cant stand is out right nasty people, in my eyes, they are just bullies.


Twitter lately is the place I’ve seen it the most, I follow a girl who is amazing she is an inspiration, well she is to me anyway, she runs, lifts weights, she works, studies, trains 5 to 6 times a week and blogs, vlogs and writes books and articles, her life is hectic her schedule is so busy but she makes it happen and I admire that, some people on twitter have just tweeted her saying awful things about her body image and even her lifestyle and they don’t even know her?


Who are they to judge they haven’t fallen out with her they don’t know her, they don’t know her life, her story in my opinion they are just jealous of what she can and has accomplished and they feel that they have to bring her down to make themselves feel better, to make her feel as if she is not doing bloody awesome and is just like them bitches. Well she isn’t. I don’t know her either she is just another person but that person has feelings and I should have no opinion on her life or body image.


She public named and shamed these people that upset her and I thought it was brilliant, they needed it. They had a lot of people angry and so it should, I just couldn’t believe that we are still in a time where this happens.


As you know I was bullied and I grew up surrounded by girls who said they needed more make up or needed to be skinner “why?” I would say, “are you doing it for you? Or the girl who said you needed to?”


Many people say my clothes are weird some days my outfits are the hippy dippy weirdest thing and anyone that see me I just don’t care, judge me, some people say my lifestyle is hectic and im a little weird but im ok with that, it doesn’t affect me anymore and I just wish more people were like this cause some people do take it to heart and that hurts.


We live in a world now were you can be white, black, gay, lesbian, a goth, a hippy and yes people may have an opinion on that but I really do believe in keeping that to yourself.
“If you have nothing nice today don’t say anything at all?”


We are all different and that’s what makes the world so amazing and so interesting we all bring our own uniqueness so why not stand together like the suffragettes once did and embrace each others “weirdness” together because I know for a fact if I think some one is pretty I will tell them, if I think they are doing themselves proud and working hard I will tell them I admire them. To embrace what they are doing to build confidence in others, If I didn’t like someone’s hair or tattoo I wouldn’t tell them that’s not my place to criticize and judge their choices, I will only encourage and create smiles and that should be the only aim.


Just think about what you’re doing to that somebody.

Be happy and make others happy too, please.
making one person smile can change the world,
maybe not the whole world, but their world.
start small and start now..
Much love J x

Published by Jaydyne Overton