The best way to sum this book up is:

“Shall we make a new rule of life… always to try to be a little kinder that necessary?” – J. M. Barrie

Book: So I can see why this is an important book maybe for parents and for a younger generation but for me it just offered a different perspective.

Brief Opinion 8/10

I did enjoy this as much as I could ‘enjoy’ this; I think the best word is to appreciate it. I think we sometimes aren’t self-aware or truly think about how our actions can affect other people. To the level the author knows how accurate of a representation it is I think it should be merited as a reflection of people and how we need to learn to be more accepting as people and conscious of how we treat others.

Full Review


This is the main focus point and I was surprised about the different perspectives because I would never have imagined it to move away from August but it doesn’t happen until a good chunk into it. There’s not much I can say about characters because it is the most important part to it and a lot of development happens throughout the story. The voices were very distinct however because of the writing style but I’ll come to that.


So it was mostly at ‘middle school’ and due to my life being British I don’t really knwow aht this means but I got the jist and school sucks pretty much for everyone. It’s unpleasant to be there but is the perfect environment for this story.


So the idea was that we follow August as he tackles going to school for the first time and a lot happens that seems relevant to kids of this age and he goes through a lot and it is done really well. I liked that it was a whole year; it allowed a nice flow to the story and like things came full circle to show how much had changed.


So the voices are very distinct and the writing style definitely changes to fit the personality and voice of the characters. I enjoyed that it conveyed the age of the characters as well.


I thought it was a bit cliché but it wasn’t a bad ending.

People should read this, and reading a review doesn’t convey the appeal of the book but if you see it then pick it up.

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