well today i spent the day in Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire, quite close to where i live. my mother, father and I went down at midday to see what was going on, as we heard there was a major event on. we went down about midday, and could not get any where, cars and people just everywhere. it was so so busy!

there was a 1940’s event/festival on, all over the village in the parks, hotels, cafes, restaurants, all down the roads, no traffic could get by, as there were just stalls, clothes, old cars, trucks, army tanks and camps, dancers, singers, food and drink tents everywhere it actually looked amazing.

check the link at the side for peoples pictures and comments on the day and more info on the event.. ->     

my mum is a massive fan of the old vintage themes, like the 1940’s, it was her idea of an amazing day out and it was just that, the sun was out all day, quite hot actually for England haha, and it just made it!

we started the day with food of course, as it was around lunchtime, we then walked round clothing stalls, and watched all the old cars, trucks, army tanks, and so many people dressed up the sights were amazing, quite emotional really. then we listened to an act being performed, about Sir Winston Churchill. we could here the act and the bombs and the gun noises going off and then the old fashioned fire brigade came in and loads of troops it was amazing to see, it made me think and made me very proud of what our troops did and do today, very emotional.

we then had a long walk through the woods where we found troops had sent up there camps, and their trenches to show what it would be like, it was amazing how they camouflaged in. it was basically a walk through museum, like you could actually be in it, i found that really interesting. we then looked in Jubilee Park (now i have previous raced in his area but today the village ad race course looked very very different haha!) in here we looked at all old fashioned clothes, where my mother went mad and bought lots, we then had ice cream and ice lollies and mooched some more, there were lots of eateries, alchohol tents, and loads of music, with people dancing! so many people laughing, drinking, dancing, eating, smiling and enjoying themselves, the sun and music and smiling faces, really made me appreciate life. imagine how those people must have felt in 1940?  like they could die or be bombed at any moment? how scary to live like that!
certainly made me think and appreciate what i have..

we watched some of the planes go over, including a Lancaster and had a ride on a London double decker bus, a lovely way to spend a Sunday with my family, hope everyone has had a brill day!

Happy Sunday
much love J

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