I have been lacking a lot of inspiration a long time now. I have a lot of things happening in my life but nothing really that exciting. Just random little dumb stuff at university or just hanging out with friends.

But these last couple of day I am beginning to wonder a lot about what love is about and if we all have a happy ending.
I am kinda feeling a little down because of someone close to me having a lot of relationship problems. I truly want to make it better for them but I am in no such position to make their arguments disappear.

I am just wondering and asking myself if people that truly love each other can get over everything and anything and be happy together and have their “happily ever after”.
I am kinda losing my faith in it even though I try to be hopeful and positive, but people around me are just having relationship problems.

Do you believe in happily ever after? Are we all meant for someone, are there somewhere THE ONE for us all?

I know love is hard, believe me I know. Every relationship is hard work and there will be fights and hard times, but if two people realy love each other could someone from the ouside ruin it and is it their fault. Or is it in the end the couple’s fault because they let them?

I don’t know… I was just having one of those moments I guess.

Published by Elma Omukic