Wonders of the World features both amazing photos and great explanations of some of the most stunning places our planet has to offer. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Pyramids of Giza this book has something for everyone.

Presented alphabetically, each Wonder has a dedicated two pages that are jam-packed with beautiful images and truly interesting information. Due to the fact that each wonder only has two pages the text was kept to a minimum. There was enough space to detail the history of the site, its cultural or environmental impact and its reason for being a Wonder of the World. And really what more do you need.

Martin Howard has done a great job keeping this book fairly neutral. It wasn't overly scientific or political. Making it educational yet still highly entertaining.

The breathtaking photography is reason enough to buy this book. With amazing facts about some well-known places as well as the added bonus of learning about some lesser known sites, this book is a great addition to all bookshelves. After reading this book there is no denying that these Wonders are truly awe-inspiring.

Wonders of the World is a definite keeper. I'm sure that I will find myself taking it off the bookshelf many times in the future.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker